FedEx St. Jude Classic interview: Scott Stallings

June 09, 2013

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Q.  Your position at 12-under par, what's the feeling right there about getting yourself to that position?

Man, unfortunate sitting there in perfect position off the tee on 15 and there was about a ten-foot-square area where there's new sod and just completely different turf than the rest of the course.  It stuck right in the ground and a whole new spot on the golf course where that would be.  It's unfortunate that it happened.

I played great today.  I obviously played good the last couple of weeks and gave myself an opportunity to win and only a matter of time before it happens.  You have to learn from the experiences that you have like this today and hopefully I'll get a little bit better break next time.

Q.  Is it heartbreaking giving yourself this much opportunity to win and not closing, or encouraging in some ways?

I've been 4 back, 7 back and 4 back.  It's not necessarily like I'm starting with the leader.  You're kind working your way into it.

The other thing, man, I'm playing a game I love and in a great state and it's nice to represent the state well and hometown event somewhat, and, you know, great fans out there and definitely look forward to taking off this and going into the U.S. Open next week.

Q.  Little disappointed with the finish.  You played some solid, solid golf today?

Yeah, man.  I played great.  I had to play well to get myself in position to win.  Coming off my 3rd top 4 finish in a row, it's obviously a big step in the right direction, charging my game for the rest of the year, especially getting ready coming to a Major.  Excited.

Obviously a little bit of a bad break coming on 15, hit a new sodded area.  One of those deals.  Get a little bit better break next time.

Q.  You put yourself in a pretty good position today.

I played great.  It's nice to get out, played solid, just 18th I was thinking -- 15 hit a great tee shot.  There's a new sodded area and it's a ten-foot section of the fairway that's unlike any part of the golf course out there and it's really soft and wet and obviously it's a lie I hadn't dealt with all week.

Unfortunate the circumstances ended as it is, but it's my 3rd top 4 finish in a row and definitely look forward to taking some momentum going into the U.S. Open and take from it there.

Q.  From start to finish from Monday until today, a good week in Memphis?

  Absolutely.  It was fantastic.  The fans have been awesome.  Having a chance to win in my home state is all you can ask.  The result was obviously disappointing.  You've got to put yourself in those positions and eventually come out on top.

Keep getting better and better.  My caddy, Brent, did an incredible job.  Kind of a weird circumstance.  The only reason he was caddying for me this week is he's just kind of short on cash to be able to play a little bit so this week, kind of go a long way as far as getting back on the golf course and hopefully have an opportunity to have him out here in a year or two.

I played well and drove it well.  Made enough things.  A little bit frustrating dealing with the situation that happened on 15.  I played great coming down the stretch.  Gave myself an opportunity three weeks in a row and hopefully take some momentum going to the U.S. Open.  There's so much golf to play and all sorts of weird things can happen.

Harris has played great coming down the stretch.  Just one of those deals where just keep your head down and keep playing and keep plugging along and hopefully you'll be there at the end.