FedEx St. Jude Classic interview: Patrick Reed

June 08, 2013

FedEx St. Jude Classic transcripts

I think I started out the first five holes with all one putts, and whenever you do that, you're always rolling pretty well. And I just stuck to my game plan today. I knew that once I got to the weekend, I liked to get away from game plans like to hit a lot of drivers. I stuck to it.

I think I only hit 3, 4 drivers all day, and, you know, you have to play from the fairways out here, especially with the firm fast the greens that we're getting right now. At the end of the day, walked off with a really good round.

Q. You ended the course with one eagle, two birdies. What do you attribute to your strong finish?

Caddy. You know, she -- towards the end of the round, I was kind of getting confused on winds and getting frustrated with my bogey on 9 and 10. I three-putted 10. "All right, hit some solid golf swings. Hit your lines." I started doing that and making some putts. I hit a really good 6 iron in on 16 to hit it to 11 feet for an eagle right up the hill.

Q. You and turned pro a few years ago. You were right up there at the top of the leaderboard. Do you think you'll be able to do it or will the inexperience -- how is your inexperience?

Actually I don't feel any inexperience. I finished 7th at Pebble late in the round. Last year I played 12 events on the PGA TOUR, 6 through Monday qualifying, 6 through exemptions. I was one back off the lead after the first day at Wells Fargo last year.

So, I mean, I just stick to my game plan. I play shot by shot, hole by hole. If I stick to my game plan, especially the one I had today, I have a potential to shoot a low number.

Right before we played Valero. After playing Adams Tour event, because I completely switched my golf swing at the beginning of last year, played Adams Tour event to see how it was going to hold up under pressure.

Really solid. Got a sponsor's exemption at Valero. I had like to caddy all right. We walked off, it was 106 degrees in San Antonio. All rain gear and umbrella, made it as unbearable as I could. I almost died the 16th, 17th hole. She was kicking and screaming. We went 8. First time she picked up the bag to loop was at Valero. I said, "Welcome to the big show."

Q.Y'all got married in December?

December 21st.

Q. This past December 21st?

Yes. Working honeymoon, Sony.

Q. You guys play practice rounds together?

We do.

Q. She advise you?

A little. I'll say, "What do you think of this?

She'll go like, "Yeah." Went in one ear, out the other. She knows whatever I say is going to be the most aggressive as possible and I feel like that's why we've done really well today, especially today and yesterday. We geared back, hit a lot of 2-irons, 3-woods off the tee.

I have this new 3-wood that's really hot. If I turn it over, get it going, I can hit it 300-plus. I don't need a driver. Every time I pull out driver, either in the rough or chipping out or anything. I'll just stick with 3-woods and 2-irons off the tees and let my irons go to work.

Q. Her golf background, she played?

She played in high school. Dual Bachelor's in health administration and nursing. She's a nurse. She had to revive me at Mississippi last year. She literally does everything.

Q. Did you pass out?

I passed out in the hotel room. I played 32 or 33 holes on Friday -- no, Saturday because of weather and 7 caddies went down, 3 players went down. Had to withdraw from the tournament.

I made it through the round. I didn't last much longer once I got to the room. I have the full package with me, nurse, wife, caddy.

Q. She get paid extra for that when she has to revive you?

Like Dicky Pride said, you hate anybody that takes a hundred percent of your paycheck. I love it. I don't mind it.

Q. What was the event down there in Mississippi?

PGA TOUR event. Used to be Tru South.