FedEx St. Jude Classic interview: Harris English

June 07, 2013

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Welcome, Harris English to the interview room. Harris, you finished the day at 10-under. Can you talk to us about your round today?

HARRIS ENGLISH: Yeah. I mean, obviously getting off to 3 birdies in a row start is kind of how I was looking to get the day started. And then holing out on No. 5 for eagle was unbelievable. I haven't holed out in awhile. To make it on 2, probably the hardest hole on the golf course, is kind of unbelievable. Kind of a jump start today kept it rolling.

Q. Harris, can you talk about the eagle and what you hit?

Yeah. I mean, No. 5, I mean a converted par 5 to par 4. Hit 3-wood off the tee and had about I would say 175, 180, can't really remember the exact number. I was playing a little short of it because that green goes front to back pretty good down grain. Landed about 10, 12 feet short and kicked right and rolled right in.

Q. On your one hiccup on 18, you hit 3-wood I think off tee box. Everybody else was hitting driver. Reasoning behind that?

Well, I only hit two drivers today. I feel really good with my 3-wood. That hole doesn't really set-up for my driver, dogleg left on the left with the wind. I was just trying to play to the center of the fairway. That was really my only bad shot of the day and I hit it down there by a drain and had a brutal lie. All I could do is pitch it out and try to make 4 the hard way.

Q. You also used your putter, had some long putts. Had that been working fairly well for you lately or something just started to click?

I grew up on greens like this down in South Georgia, fast bermuda greens. I'm very comfortable on these type of greens. I know when it's going to be fast and it's really fast and when into the grain, it's really slow. I have a good handle on the speed. That's really what helped me today, when you get the speed down on the greens, you can start making some putts.

Q. Harris, can you just talk about just the last few months for you? Seems like you've had a couple of Top-10s. Your game seems to be rounding into form?

I'm still getting comfortable out here. This is my second year. Just trying to get in the hunt of a golf tournament every time. I've done that a couple times this year. Three Top-10s. I'm still looking for my first win and still hungry to be the best and to try to get my first win.

So, I mean, it's awesome to be in this position. I've worked very hard the last couple weeks and couple months to get in this position, and I feel like I'm ready and I feel like I got a lot of good people around me to help me.

Q. When you get off to that kind of start, 5-under after five holes, what's on your mind? Are you looking at a number that might start with a 5 or just what?

When I get into those modes, even when I was younger I always had a knack for going low. When I get in that kind of situation, everything is pretty much going my way and I'm very much in control of my ball, I'm really trying to birdie every hole.

I know this golf course is hard, but the way I was hitting it off the tee, putting myself in position on the fairways and having a lot of short irons into the holes, I was really trying to go for it.

Q. That said, yesterday was the first time you had a share of the lead yet on Tour and have to wait and see what this does, but you like your position going into the weekend and you think that others might catch up to the speed of those greens and start chasing you, too?

For sure. I've had a really good past two days. There's a lot of good golfers here, the best players in the world. So I could see somebody shooting 6, 7 this afternoon because it's out there. Like I said, if you're in control of your golf ball and hit it in the fairways, you can take it low.

Q. Harris, can you talk about your background as it relates to this State. You're a high school State champ. Does this seem like home?

Yeah, it does a little bit. I went to high school in Chattanooga at Baylor and I remember we had State over near Memphis before. I've never really been to Memphis. We had it, I guess near Jackson at the Bear Trace course.

Yeah, we won State. I have some good ties in this area. Got a lot of good friends here in med school here. I've been hanging out with them the past couple of days. It does feel like home.

Q. Lot of people are going to look on the leaderboard and lot of non-golf fans and say, "Who is Harris English?" Your answer would be what?

That's fine. I know I'm not well-known right now. I really don't want to be well-known. There's a lot of good young players coming up.

You see Russ Henley, my teammate, won. There's a lot of good players that nobody ever heard of. It just goes to show you how good the college programs are now and kids are coming out ready to play. It's awesome to kind of be a part of that younger generation and says a lot about Tiger and Phil and Adam Scott and all those guys who really came before us who really gave us a lot of drive to play golf and to get in these situations.

Q. You mentioned Russell Henley. That Georgia golf team must have been incredible. If you would talk a little bit about that.

It was hard enough just to make the Top-5 on that team. I mean qualifying rounds were -- we fought more competitive than our golf tournaments. We're playing against five All-Americans trying to get in the Top-5. It's awesome. Says a lot about Coach Haack and the program he's developed there.

And I still hang out with a lot of guys like Ryuji Imada, Kevin Kisner, Brendon Todd is out here. There's a bunch of Georgia guys out here that we can kind of lean on. We're kind of a brotherhood, fraternity, out here from Georgia.

So, it's awesome to really, really be a part of a program like that. We never won the National Championship, but got close. Won a couple SECs. Those were awesome, awesome times.

Thank you, Harris.

HARRIS ENGLISH: I appreciate it.