FedEx St. Jude Classic interview: Stuart Appleby

June 06, 2013

FedEx St. Jude Classic transcripts

Q. To be able to put up a 66, you got to be happy with that.

I was pleased with that. I haven't seen any round under par, being able to sustain under par rounds. The course is in magnificent shape as usual. A little breeze. So maybe I thought there were some more birdies out there. I think just with the pace of the greens, if you're above the hole it's tricky. You know, I'm happy with the way I played today. Anybody who got under par today, the scoreboard, certainly fought to get there.

Q. Stuart, one of those golfers go, go, go a lot of times. This is one of those courses you really have to throttle down because if you're out of position or make a mistake, it's going to come in big numbers.

Yeah. I'm not sure -- I am really surprised maybe the scores weren't lower. If I shot 4-under a lot of guys would have sat on the putting greens, there's a 6 there. Got to be a handful of pars. I can't really explain that. We haven't had any wind. We get some breeze here, I can obviously see par is going to be a good score.

We have a lot of tournaments where it's go, go, go, birdie, birdie, you got to shoot 5-under every day trying to catch the leader or trying to be the leader. Today was a day where it was quite benign. We couldn't manage to find the flags.

Q. Say a lot about the course, just the pin placements. I know for Thursday some were in very difficult spots.

I was hitting the ball today further than I normally do here. It was definitely drying out. If the ball starts to bounce and run it down, makes it more difficult. Zoysia fairways tend to hold the ball up a little bit. We'll see. We'll see how tomorrow pans out. Hopefully we can get three more days clear with no storms. Get some good birdies.

Q. 66 on Thursday, I'm sure you would take a 66 on Sunday as well, right?

I'd like to know what's in the middle, but I certainly like that idea.