FedEx St. Jude Classic Interview: Nicholas Thompson

June 06, 2013

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Q. This is a good start for you today, walk us through the round

NICHOLAS THOMPSON:  I played well.  I got off to a bad start.  I birdied the first and managed to 4-putt the 3rd for double.  Every hole I putted for birdie today.  I didn't hit every green.  I hit a couple fringes.  Putted for birdie or better on every hole.  I hit a lot of good shots.  I birdied 1, 4, 6 maybe, 8 and then I birdied the 16th hole.  I hit a lot of good quality golf shots today.  I drove it pretty good.  My stats didn't say it because they kept bouncing out of the fairway.  Hit a lot of good tee shots and lot of good really iron shots in.  Hit a lot of good putts.  Some went in, some didn't.  But I was all over the hole.  Even my 4 putt.  Close ones.

Q.  I wasn't going to bring that up.  You played the par-5s in 1-over.  Were you 3-over at the end of the day?

NICHOLAS THOMPSON:  Hit a lot of good golf shots.  I was 2-under on the par-3s.  That would put me at 2-under on the par-4s.  That says you hit a lot of good shots.  I had my one folly today.  It was four times.

Q.  Could you feel this coming?  It's been a bit of a struggle the last couple of weeks.  Could you feel it this week?

NICHOLAS THOMPSON:  I've been missing cuts by one and two.  I've been really close, just not quite there.  I even had a couple driver problems, couple -- then once I got my driver back, my short game failed a little bit but I feel really good.  I mean, played well on Monday, qualified for the Open.  I feel like I played well last week.  Every shot was a little bit off.  Really bad spot.

Q.  Good luck tomorrow.

NICHOLAS THOMPSON:  Thank you, I appreciate it.

Q.  Thank you, Nicholas Thompson has had average finishes in his three previous attempts at the St. Jude Classic.  What was so different for you playing so well today?

NICHOLAS THOMPSON:  I hit a lot of good golf shots.  Lot of nice tee shots.  They didn't all turn out perfectly, some just edged into the rough, but I mean, hit my irons really well today, putted pretty nicely.

Q.  You qualified in second position actually for the U.S. Open.  What's your excitement about playing in Merion next week but also taking that play and momentum and bringing it here in Memphis?

NICHOLAS THOMPSON:  I played really well on Monday.  Had a little slip up in the round with my putter, but in the -- in the two rounds, I should say, with my putter.  I mean, everything is just moving in the right direction.  I've hit it good.  I've driven it good.  Putted for birdie on every hole today.  Couple of them were from the fringe but didn't shoot very high.

Q.  Nicholas Thompson, you didn't shoot very high.  Thanks for joining us.  Just talk about the round.

NICHOLAS THOMPSON:  All right.  Played well today.  I mean I started off pretty good.  Had a little bit of a blip early on and then just fought back from it and hit a lot of good golf shots, made a lot of putts.  I made five birdies and a double.  Putted for birdie on every green, couple from the fringe, but I mean I just played well tee to green.

Q.  You felt really good except for that one blip that you talked about?

NICHOLAS THOMPSON:  I had a 4-putt.  That was my blip.  Even then, I hate to say it, it was four of them.  I didn't feel like any of the putts were that bad.  It happens.  I mean I hit a lot of good shots and putts that didn't quite go in, either.  But, I mean all in all, I'm happy with 67.  Good start to the week.

Q.  This year the first time winners, a lot of new faces are starting to make it.  I know it's the first round.  Got to put 72 holes together to be on top the leaderboard and be another one of those guys trying to make a name for himself.

NICHOLAS THOMPSON:  It's my fifth year on TOUR.  I've been through all those golf courses, so I feel comfortable on them, and I mean this is just the place I like and from South Florida born and raised on bermuda.  I feel good here.

Q.  Virtually no wind today.  How tough were the greens?

NICHOLAS THOMPSON:  The pin placements.  The greens are somewhat firm, good speed, but there's some nice pin placements out there that's really tough to get close to.  So, I mean you just got to -- then when do you play away from them, some of them are hard to get down in 2.  I mean got to pick and choose your spots.

Q.  Did you ever look at a pin placement, I hope I can get it remotely close?

NICHOLAS THOMPSON:  Plenty of them. 15 feet that's all I'm looking for.  If I happen to get it closer, a little bit of a mistake, wonderful, but otherwise I'm looking at 15 feet.

 Q.  The 4-putt, tell us about it.  You hit the ball good right off the bat?

NICHOLAS THOMPSON:  Yeah.  I hit a putt, I hit a putt, I hit a putt, I hit a putt that I made.  I just kept on hitting it a little bit too hard.  Only my 3rd hole of the day and had an uphiller on 1, then a shorter putt on 2.  And then it was my first putt of like some decent length and I hit it too hard.  The next one was uphill.  I hit that one too hard.  I hit the next one too hard. It happens.

 Q.  When you know how tough the course is and you see the rain that came through last night, did you think it would be a little more receptive?  Not a lot of good scores.  Good round to put together.

NICHOLAS THOMPSON:  I didn't expect it to be extremely soft.  I played on Tuesday and it was concrete in the afternoon.  So, what little rain that came in I didn't expect it to change the golf course any.

Q.  Where you are now, obviously building upon tomorrow.  Talk a little bit about that, because one round doesn't make a tournament.

NICHOLAS THOMPSON:  No.  No.  You can't win a tournament with one round.  You can definitely lose it but you can't win it.  You know what, I'm going to go out and try to the exact same things, I've got a really good game plan for the golf course, and I'm looking forward to playing tomorrow.