FedEx St. Jude Classic interview: Martin Flores

June 06, 2013

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Q. Martin, 4-under par. Good solid round of golf. Double bogey at 14. More the lie than anything else. Tell me about the 18th hole. The water was a lot deeper there than you thought, wasn't it?

Yeah. Lie was definitely good enough for me to hit. I could have gotten it on the green for sure. It was floating barely on top of the water. I didn't have any footing whatsoever, so it would have been extremely dicey.

So, I had been hitting my irons very well and I've been putting very well. I figured just give myself a fairway shot and see if I can't get it up and down.

Q. What is about it the golf course that didn't seem to be that tough out there? The fairways -- there wasn't a lot of wind, the greens weren't that firm, but the scoring just isn't that low.

You know, I'm not too sure. I didn't drive it as well as I would have liked to. I putted extremely well and I gave myself a lot of opportunities from whatever situation I put myself in. So, I think maybe the wind coming out of a different direction, coming out of the north, a lot of holes were in the wind that typically aren't.

Q. Great playing. Keep it up over the week.

Thank you.

Q. Sounds a little dicey on the last hole for you.

I got aggressive with my tee shot and then I was trying to start it in the water and cut it back into the fairway, and I just -- it just stayed straight and, you know, kicked really close to the water so the footing wasn't there for me to hit the shot. So I do the smart thing and just give myself an opportunity to make a par.

Q. How does it feel coming away from it? Do you feel -- is it a good feeling coming off, being able to save it?

That was huge. Huge. Absolutely. It's a tough hole already. Par is a good score on that hole, and to make a mistake like that, save it with a par is a bonus.

Q. I don't pretend to know your history here. Have you been here a lot and have you had success, or is this --

This is my 3rd year. I missed the cut my first year, then I finished the round 15th place, probably. Not sure but somewhere around that area. I had a great last round last year, shot 65. I like the golf course. It's very, very challenging, so, you know, it fits my eye. I like a lot of things about it.

Q. The start here being good could be good for you. Feel like you've played better towards the end of the tournament before?

Getting off to a good start is very, very important. So, you know, I took -- I'll take a lot of positives from today and move forward.

Q. Just coming into this tournament, coming off your last stop, are you riding a little bit of that momentum now?

I've been working really hard and haven't seen a lot of the results. You know, I had goods things at the Byron Nelson and went to the Colonial. Put myself into position there. So, I didn't have as good of a Sunday as I'd like, but there was a lot of positives from that and a lot of good things I've been working on. I had a week off last week, it was five in a row, time to take a little rest. I feel good.

Q. As far as playing the front-9 at 3-under, what was working right on the front-9 about your game?

Really just, you know, I hit a lot of good approach shots and I putted well. Anytime you can putt well, I can make up for mistakes or, you know, you can make a lot of birdies. Putting I seem to hit my lines very well today.

Q. To come back from I guess the double on 14. What happened there?

You know, actually missed it in a place I thought I could. I hit it a little long left in the bunker. I was trying to draw it into the center of the green and I just turned it over a little more. When I got in the bunker, it was plugged. I had no chance to hit it at the pin, you know. You're talking 1 out of 100 probably to keep it on the green from there.

So, I tried to do the smart thing and hit it out to the front green. Unfortunately it rolled off. I had about 100 feet. I putted there up probably about ten feet and I horseshoed it and walked away with a 5. It was a rough break, but I shouldn't have hit it there in the first place. So, I did all I could from where I was.

Q. But you came back and finished solid.