FedEx St. Jude Classic interview: Harris English

June 06, 2013

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Q. Just one of those days where things came together. Stuart was mentioning not a lot of wind, maybe guys going out in the afternoon thought there would be a 5 or 6-under. 66 is the best of the day.

Just a tough golf course. You got to hit the fairways, got to hit the greens. Playing out of rough all day, it's going to be hard to hold them. I started hitting it a lot better on the back-9 and started getting it going.

Q. When you see the scores, it's one of these golf courses where you throttle down, you can't be go, go, go. If you're in bad spots, there's a bad number waiting.

Yes. I have to throttle it back hitting driver and hit 3-woods and 5-woods and play from the fairways. Even 6, 7-iron is still better than hitting driver with 9-iron in the rough. I've got a chance. It's really wearing my 3-woods out this week.

Q. You can't win a golf tournament on Thursday. To be in the position you're in, is it just confidence and momentum heading into Friday and try to piece two, three rounds together?

Exactly. A lot of tough par-4s. You're really playing for par. Trying to hit the fairways and middle of the green and two-putt. Other holes like par-5s you had get after it. I'm at 4-under. I've got the same game plan and go out there tomorrow.

Q. Eagle on 16. Take us through that hole.

Yeah. One of my better shots of the day. I kind of hit in the right first cut of the rough. I had 5-iron in. Landed it short of the green, trickled up there 4 feet and made it for eagle. When you're making eagle, it always puts a smile on your face. I haven't had one in awhile.

Q. Is that what you mentioned on those very few holes on this course where you can make a score, make birdies or make eagles, you really have to make good on those holes because there's not very many of them?

Exactly. Even those holes they can put some tough pins and get to bad spots. You got to play to your spots and hit them and take what it gives you.