Crowne Plaza Inv. at Colonial interview: Matt Kuchar

May 26, 2013

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Q. It's a pretty good round on most days. Boo went to the tape here, beat you to the tape, what's the feeling on how you played the final round?

That's part of the game of golf. You play the best you can under circumstances. It's a bummer for me. This is a tournament and this is a golf course that I love. This is something I really wanted to win. So to be out there with a chance was exciting. I knew it was going to take a good round of golf. Today I think the biggest let down for me was my wedge game. I had scoring clubs in my hand that I really count on a lot on them. I had really good opportunity and just hit ordinary wedge shots and just wasn't able to take advantage of them. I hit some good drives and some good positioning.

Q. All of that said, you put yourself in position to win on a difficult golf course. What does that say to you about the way you are playing going into Memorial and Merion?

Exciting. I'm definitely excited. My game is good. I feel confident in all facets of the game. Certainly U.S. Open coming around the corner I'm excited. But even more excited to get to Memorial, that's a course I love. I enjoy it up there. This stretch of golf is a fantastic stretch.

Q. Talk about your round, close to taking this thing?

It's a tough pill to swallow when you wind up one shot short of a victory here on a course that I really, really want to put my name up on that wall of champions. This is a place I love coming to, a course that I love. It's a town that I really enjoy. It's difficult at the moment coming just one shot short but you can't control what other guys do. I had some chances and played some good golf for four days.

Q. Do you feel like you left some birdies out today?

You leave birdies out every day. But the thing I look back at is the wedges I had in my hands which I feel like are real scoring clubs, I didn't hit them close enough. I feel like those are clubs that I can't wait to get in my hands and today I just didn't -- it wasn't tight enough with the wedges.

Q. (Inaudible)?

15 was one, the par-5, 11 was another. A couple on the front side, the first hole was one. So there were four or five wedges that I thought I should have put a little closer.

Q. You walk away with some satisfaction, second place, this field is no joke?

It's certainly a good week, and you can 't control what other guys do. Boo plays some great golf. A lot of congratulations to Boo. It's great to see him playing again. He is certainly a great ball striker around this place. You can the he is going to do well. So congrats to Boo. I'm looking forward to getting it next week at Memorial and hopefully I'll have another chance.

Q. This is when you start to play really well. In 2010 you finished second on the FedExCup standings. You had 7, Top-10's in the stretch of that summer. Is this where you start to play well?

Yes, it's funny. I feel that my schedule, this is a great time for me, and the last two weeks here are Dallas weeks. I get a lot of extra time with my instructor Chris O'Connell. I feel we get things really tight and heading for a stretch now. So I feel like you hit it right on. This is a good stretch for me and just the way my schedules works out. I enjoy coming to these couple of weeks and it looks like it's a good lead up for the next couple of months.

Q. What do you think it will take, I guess you finished second to Furyk, what would it take for you to reel in Tiger this year?

He is playing outstanding golf. He's got such a huge lead. I think the idea now with the lead that Tiger's got is to just get yourself in position of the playoffs, and with the points adjustment, and the THE TOUR Championship, with the reset, to play a great four days of golf with THE TOUR Championship.