Crowne Plaza Inv. interview: Zach Johnson

May 26, 2013

Q. You're not that far off the lead going into the final round?

Yes, I'm in position to make a move tomorrow.  Nothing more than that.  I think I had some opportunities out there today that I didn't execute on but, you know, would have, could have, should have.  I feel good, I'm doing good things.  I just got to keep doing them.

Q. The conditions today compared to the previous two days?

Maybe a little windier today.  That would be about the only thing that I can think of.  The greens are still very receptive.  If you had the right number, and in the fairway, you could be mildly aggressive at least.  The greens are rolling fine, normal, pure.  I thought overall the golf course was playing really well.

Q. Is there a mental advantage knowing that you won this thing before and you are real close?

I'm really not trying to focus on that.  Certainly the confidence of playing well here is something I'm going to try to lean on.  But as far as winning, frankly it's irrelevant in 2013.  So, you know, the outcome is relevant.  But the shots I've hit and the putts I've made over the years I will try to rely on.

Q. How does this course fit you so well?

I don't know.  It obviously requires a straight ball.  I've always felt pretty comfortable on these greens.  They are bentgrass greens, that's what I grew up on.  Other than that, I guess maybe I have been pretty fortuitous at judging the wind too, maybe, things of that nature.  I can't answer that.  I don't know why this one in particular.  I mean, it just seems to feel like when I get here my game starts to come around.  More than that, if I was striking it well, as well as I am this week, any other week I would still be playing good.  So I like the direction I'm going.

 Q. How did you play today?

:  I played all right.  I played okay.  I don't like finishing the way I finished.  But I played pretty good.  I played really well on the front.  I had a lot of opportunities and even some on the back that I didn't execute on.  That's all you can create is opportunities, and hopefully I can get some more tomorrow.

Q. You should be two, maybe three shots back going into tomorrow, do you have confidence two or three shots back?

  Yes, I would like to say it doesn't matter, but you obviously want to be in the lead.  But I'm in a place where, you know, that is manageable.  That's really all I can ask for.