Crowne Plaza Inv. interview: Jordan Spieth

May 24, 2013

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JOHN BUSH: Jordan Spieth joins us. He's at 8-under par through two rounds of the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial. Jordan, another round in the 60's today, a great effort, if we could get some comments on your round.

JORDAN SPIETH: Yes, it was a little more up and down than yesterday. Still very consistent. I'm happy with the way I'm striking the ball, no complaints there. I hit a lot of great putts. I had four or five lip outs. I had some putts go in, but took a penalty stroke on an unfortunate break on the green, just a little more up and down than yesterday. But I'm still happy with it.

JOHN BUSH: Yes, take us through that, what happened on the green there.

JORDAN SPIETH: So on No. 6 I hit it about 15 feet passed the hole. It was, I guess when guys were walking off the green, the group in front of us, you know, it was in where one of their feet, where they step -- is that rain?


JORDAN SPIETH: That's so awesome. It sat kind of in between where the spikes were on like the ground there so I marked it. And when I went back to where to put the ball back, I obviously put it right back to where it was before. It stayed where it was, so I just went to go hit my putt. I took my practice strokes, and saw it maybe kind of start to tilt. But it stopped again. So I put my putter down. Right as I put my putter down, the ball kind of fell down into the cleat mark.

And my putter did not cause it to move it. I know that for a fact it was going to move. But it was just a bad break in timing. If I had hit the putt two seconds earlier, it wouldn't have done that. If I waited two seconds longer, I wouldn't have ground my putter. So I had to call a rules official over, and put it back where it was, and take a one stroke penalty. It's an unfortunate ruling. That's just how it goes.

JOHN BUSH: We will open it to questions.

Q. Did you call a penalty on yourself?

JORDAN SPIETH: Yes. Right when I said I saw it tilt and roll down into the spike mark, I stepped off and I just called over to Nick Thompson, and said can we get a rules official? I was kind of talking with Tim. There is a rule change in that circumstance, but that's only if the wind blows it, or a dog runs over it, or a squirrel knocks it. I guess gravity isn't part of that. But what the PGA TOUR officials told me after the round is they are looking into changing that. It's just right now it kind of ends up.

Q. You came right back with birdie, same as the front 9 you birdied after both bogeys, can you talk about how that helps you with momentum, or do you a get a little bit more aggressive after a bogey, to make good shots?

JORDAN SPIETH: No. 7 was the most important hole I've played all week so far today. It sets up well for me. I just hit a 3-wood out there in the fairway, and I had a perfect number.

I wouldn't say I get any more aggressive after a bogey. If anything I probably play safer. I had a perfect number to the pin and just hit a 9-iron up in the air and it came right down next to it and was able to get a 3 there which is very important in keeping the round going. I already hit it close and had a couple of lip-outs so I thought that was nice.

Q. Jordan, is that one of the biggest maturity things in the last year, the fact like on 16, your 3-putt from 15 feet, that you could just get it out of your head that which quickly now; how much has that helped you in your growth process?

JORDAN SPIETH: There is a couple of times where I told my caddy that my 16 year old self is rolling over in his grave when I played safer, wasn't able to control my emotions. I was pretty upset on 6. I was more upset than I normally get. I need to learn from that when that break happened. Yes, I think part of it was 17 is a pretty easy hole. I just hit hybrid, wedge today and it was a pretty accessible pin. But, yes, bouncing back has been something that I've improved on over the years.

Q. Talk about for a second that part. The 2 parts. The fact of building up your body, as you gain more body strength, versus the mental aspect, those two parts in the last year?

JORDAN SPIETH: It's been helpful actually since turning pro, I've been able to stay on track a lot easier than when I was in school with my trainer which is great. I'm not trying to put on any more weight at this point. I'm just trying to maintain and get stronger. Yes, right now on the course physically I feel great even walking 36 on Monday I felt fine. My feet are a little sore after the round. But my caddy was the one whining. Mentally, you know, I still have a lot to learn. And I can say I could go back during my round today, and say I talked myself into maybe not striking a couple of putts solid and missing a couple of the short ones.

The most important thing for me to do in talking witha lot of pros is just kind of reflect on it tonight and just go in a different mindset when you have that length of putt the next day.

Q. Your stretch, 12, 13 and 14, this is not meant as a negative, obviously you could have go really low today if you just took those holes?

JORDAN SPIETH: Yes, honestly I could have shot lower than yesterday. I felt like I played better golf yesterday, but I hit it closer today. Yes, you know, whether it was a misread. I just hit a lot of good putts that I even started walking a couple of them in that missed. That looks pretty bad, so I don't do that anymore. There is just some that I was so certain was in the middle of the hole, with a foot to go, and just found a way to break off and that happens. But 67 is a good score on this course. If those putts can fall, this weekend is going to be a lot of fun.

Q. My follow up would have been, I think you got a lot of confidence going into the weekend knowing what could be out there for you?

JORDAN SPIETH: Yes, I think so. And most of that is because of the confidence that I have in the way I'm striking the ball. I hit into a couple of fairway bunkers today and hit those shots six to eight feet. I feel like off the tee I'm just as solid as I've been, and my irons are in distance control straight and that's what you need on these small greens.

Q. Does knowing you have your card for next year, and all it's going to take is a win to be able to get the points for this year, does that free you up at a mentally to just go that hard at winning rather than worrying about making money to get to the Top-125?

JORDAN SPIETH: Yes, there is no doubt. I'm not fighting for any pennies at this point. On my mind now is how can I get a win to somehow make it into the FedExCup Playoffs. That's my goal. It's a lot to ask for. It's not easy towin one of these golf tournaments. So during the tournament, winning isn't necessarily what's on my mind it's who is at the top of the leaderboard and how can I birdie this hole. But it definitely, off the course, it is nice going into events not having to worry about finishing tied for eighth with 6 people anymore. It's about trying to be aggressive and hopefully get into contention and get a trophy.

JOHN BUSH: Anything else? All right. Should be a fun weekend. Thanks, Jordan.