HP Byron Nelson interview: Tom Gillis

May 17, 2013

HP Byron Nelson transcripts

Q. 63 the low round of the year on the PGA TOUR for Tom Gillis, how pleased are you with your efforts?

I'm pleased, obviously, I think I had 22 putts, I think they said. It was a good day.
I hit the ball nice and made a bunch of putts, 3‑putted the last one, 8, 9 feet, I was disappointed but overall it was really good.

Q. How were the conditions this morning?

It was easier, I think the wind was down and I was hoping that we would get a fair shot like they had yesterday morning just to see what it would be like. Definitely I thought it played better than in the afternoon but it started to blow toward the end.

Q. Where did this performance come from?

I think I got reunited with my old coach, I stepped with a way for a couple of months and tried to do some things on my own and kinda got lost. Fortunately he was nice enough to take me back, so he just presented a calm over me. I felt like I was back to the old stuff, normal, the way it was.

I think that relaxed me and when you're relaxed you play good. I think that's helped a lot.

Q. Great playing today, appreciate the time.

Thank you.

Q. Tom, I know you're disappointed on that last hole but a great day for you?

Yeah, it was good, I played nice, made a lot of putts, had a good pace, we played in good time, didn't have to wait around much, had two friends that I play with, we were first off, that always makes it nice, Tim Herron and Joe Ogilvie, so it was good.

Q. What was the key?

I would say it was the putter. I putted great so anytime you putt well it usually carries you on.

Q. The conditions out here?

It was benign this morning, not much wind. The greens were soft and we played at such a good pace, you could get into a good flow.

Q. You were talking about reuniting with your coach. Talk about why were you not with your coach?

We had some‑‑ we had disagreements on some things and that was kinda why.

Q. What's different this week?

That I didn't work with him for two months, that's what's different. You talk things out, work things out, people change.

Q. A little more agreements this week?

I think he was right all along to be honest with you.

Q. Tom, can you talk about the last hole for you? You had the putter going for 17 holes but what happened on that final putt?

I just gave it a little too much speed and I think I probably lost concentration on the come‑backer, so I guess that happens.

We made a bunch of 30, 40‑footers all day so sometimes those 3‑footers are even harder.

Q. Except for the closing stretch yesterday I think you had a tough four holes, everything else solid for you?

Yeah, I feel good, my game feels good. I'm calm, I'm in a good state of mind, so I feel good going into the weekend.

Q. What kind of a start can this do for you?

Not much yet until you get through Sunday afternoon and it gives you an opportunity, other than trying to make the cut on the number, or miss a cut.
As of right now it hasn't done anything yet, other than give me a chance.

Q. Tom, you got here yesterday afternoon and you were 10 strokes down because Keegan shoots 60. You mentioned the fact that you were hoping to get similar conditions today. Do you feel like it evened it out?

Yeah, I do, I really do, actually that's a great score no matter what conditions you're in. I just wanted to see‑‑ because I thought my game was good. I wanted to see, calm, what I could do to it. I guess we saw in a way.

Q. How windy was it yesterday?

It blew pretty good, like it is now, like at the end of my round today, last two or three holes it blew pretty good. It's not a lot for this place, like it's probably going to blow the next two or three days but it's enough to affect the decisions you're making.

Q. Obviously the low scores that we had yesterday, most of them were morning guys. You interested in seeing how it flips?

3‑under yesterday afternoon was the low, I think. We'll see. That's a big difference. We'll see. Doesn't seem to be blowing as much as it was yesterday but I guess it doesn't matter for me now, I just have to get ready for the weekend.

Q. Thank you, sir.