HP Byron Nelson interview: Marc Leishman

May 16, 2013

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Q.  How did it go?

That score probably wasn't much of a surprise whereas last week maybe was a little bit of a surprise at the TPC.  I'm looking forward to the rest of the week here.  It's a course I have enjoyed playing in the past.  I think the winds are going to be stronger in the week and looking forward to that, too.

Q.  You like the winds, right?

  I do, yeah, I grew up in a place which is windy, Warrnambool , known as windy Worrnambool.  Don't mind the wind.

Q.  What is going well for you right now.  Is there one particular aspect?

I think I'm playing steady, hitting the fairways.  Not all the fairways but hitin' a lot of the fairways, and the putting, my lines were really good, and I think the putting is starting to come around.  That's important if you want to be contending.

Q.  So the guys in the morning came out and you saw the scores.


Q.  Anything other than the 60 surprise you or do you feel like you got the bad end of the draw?

  No, not really, hopefully we'll get back in the morning.  Didn't really surprise me, with the rain last night and the soft conditions.

There were great scores out there, 60 is obviously a great score from Keegan.  It's a long tournament, hopefully 72 holes will give us a chance to make some of that up.  Made four up, need to make up another 6.  Yeah, you don't think about it too much, to be honest.  You just play your own game and have as good of a score as you can and add 'em up at the end of the day.

Q.  A 60 is good anywhere‑‑

Oh, yeah, 60 is an awesome score!  I can't believe that, 10‑under is unbelievable.

Q.  Two bogeys.

That's even more impressive, 10 birdies and an eagle, maybe?

Q.  Yeah.  You'll match it tomorrow.

  I don't know.

Q.  Did you see the conditions change after you teed off?

Wind came about halfway through warm‑up, that would have been about 12:00, started to get up, so hopefully we can get out early in the morning before it gets bad and make up some ground.