Wells Fargo Championship interview: Nick Watney

May 03, 2013

Well Fargo Championship transcript archive

Q. Tell us how you feel about your round being right there in contention at 7 under?

I'm excited for the weekend. It's always fun to play with Phil and Rickie. We had a good time, and I'm in good shape, so I'm excited.

Q. What's that experience like when you're in a huge gallery, you're playing well, your playing partners are playing well too? How does that affect or help your game?

Well, after a while you don't really notice it too much, but a couple of times we kind of looked up and there were a lot of people out here. So it makes it a little more fun and especially when you're playing well.

Q. Your playing partners and Phil looked good over the last couple of days. How would you characterize that?

Well, I think today he played very nice. Yesterday he probably used a little of his Phil magic on a couple shots, but today was really clean. He'll be tough on the weekend.

Q. How satisfying was that save on 18 considering where you were on your approach shot?

Yes, it will make dinner taste a little better. You never want to finish with a bogey, and the way Phil's going, you don't want to give him any extra shots. He'll be tough to chase down, but it will be a good challenge.

Q. What has to go right for you this weekend? The way the course is set up, the weather we're having right now, what has to go right for you?

It's just putting. I want to say you need a bit of luck. But if you hit good putts, hopefully, they'll go in and that will be the difference.

Q. Who wins this weekend? The guy that does what?

The guy that makes the most putts.

Q. So nothing's changed?

Well, no. I mean, there are a lot of ways there are even more ways to miss them than normal. The guy that makes the most will if you go out there and putt well, then you'll gain even more shots than you would normally, so I think that's a big key.

Q. Yesterday, Nick, 5 under, today 2. What was the difference?

Yesterday I drove it a bit better. I missed a couple of short ones today, but I think that's going to happen. Overall, I'm pleased, and I'm really looking forward to the weekend.

Q. You and Phil kind of pulling each other along out there?

Well, he was doing a little more than pulling, but, hopefully, I can keep playing well and make it interesting couple of days.

Q. How important is it the first couple of days when you're playing someone that's playing that well to make sure you keep them in your sights so you have a chance to make a run at them on the weekend?

Yeah, Phil's done this a few times and he's been in this position, so he's going to keep going. He proved that in Phoenix. So kind of want to stay as close as you can, and hopefully have a chance on Sunday afternoon.