Zurich Classic interview: Lucas Glover

April 27, 2013

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JOHN BUSH: We'd like to welcome Lucas Glover into the interview room, after a roller coaster 2 under par 70 today. Lucas, if we could get some comments on your round?

Yeah, not as tight as the first two days, little loose on some shots, but probably a little nerves and some windier conditions than expected. But started up 1, now I'm up 2, so can't be too upset. I would have liked to have gotten as many ahead as I could, and I was on the right track, just stumbled a little bit coming in.

But overall happy. The good stuff is still there. I've just got to go out tomorrow and continue to be patient and trust it.

Q. Lucas, after the bogey on 17, your second shot in was a big shot. Would you walk us through that? What did you hit?

Yeah, I think we had 40 ish front and 261 hole, I think. With that wind, right to left wind being the drawer, that's a perfect win for me. That was a good number for my little 5 wood hybrid club I don't know what it is but to just land it on the front over there to the right. I hit a nice draw in there and it ran back there. Just lucky it ran left. You just kind of want it middle right, and it just kept going left which was a bonus.

So, it's always nice to close with a birdie. I would have liked to have had one better, but that was a pretty average putt.

Q. 18 holes tomorrow, but going in with a 2 shot lead as opposed to a 1, how much difference does that make in your mind?

None. Those guys played great today that I'll be playing with, so they've got momentum. I've got the lead. I've got a big bullseye on my back, so they're going to be guns a blazing, and I'm going to have to do the same.

Q. You don't think 1 and 2 is a big difference, but it looked like you had an opportunity to pull pretty far away. Do you feel like you allowed a lot of people back into this tournament?

I don't feel that way. There are too many players for a bunch of guys not to go low tomorrow. I had my chances to get up 4 or 5, but to say let a bunch back in, I wouldn't necessarily say that. But there are going to be low scores again tomorrow. So it's just a matter of I think it's who goes the lowest.

Q. I'm sorry if I didn't hear this right. Is your wife expecting pretty soon?

Yes, sir.

Q. Any idea? Like next week or so or anytime?

Any day now, any day now. She's over 37 weeks, so.

Q. What is the due date?

May 16.

Q. Did you consider not coming this week?

Yeah, I committed Thursday of last week, actually. I hadn't planned on coming. It was in the back of my mind and in the back of her mind. Then I played Thursday and played okay. My wife said you're playing well, and I know you're not going to want to leave when the baby comes so why don't you go play.

Not that I didn't like it here and didn't want to come, I was just trying to stagger it out to be at home when possible. I'm glad she did.

Q. One is reminded of the Phil Mickelson situation at the U.S. Open. Have you made an agreement that she won't call you until you finish playing or anything like that?

No, no, I made her promise she'll call whenever and I'll leave whenever.

Q. You would?


Q. You said out there that you were going to see how you react tomorrow to being in this position since it's been a while. What do you draw on from past victories, and what is different every time?

Well, there's one similarity every time. It's never easy, I'll say that. The similarities, you know, you're nervous all the time for each one. But tonight I'll think about the times I've been in the last group or been in contention, I've done well. The last group for the last 36 holes at the U.S. Open that's about as much pressure as you can get, and I've executed pretty high level there. So that will be in my mind tonight and in the morning.

Q. Lucas, you won the Wells Fargo in 2010, correct?


Q. Did you go to sleep with the lead in that tournament? When was the last time you went to sleep with the lead? Do you remember?

No, I don't. I don't remember the first part of the question. I don't remember either part. I remember the question, but I don't remember when. Sorry.

Q. Do you know the sex of your child?


Q. Do you have a name picked out?

Lucille. My grandmother's name. Call here Cille.

Q. (Indiscernible)?

I might be. No you should write that in the local media. That would be good.