Zurich Classic interview: Jimmy Walker

April 27, 2013

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Q. Nice round of golf. What a great putting round. I think you had 24 putts today.

That sounds about right. I missed quite a few greens, so I felt like I was getting up and down a lot. I hit a good shot on 18 to make it, so that was good.

Q. 11 of 18 greens, but as long as you can putt like that, it doesn't make much difference.

I'm going to go work on that a little bit. I was just missing a few greens here and there. But I was missing them on the right spot to give myself some easy up and downs, easier.

Q. You've had a real quiet, really good season. I think you're 22nd in the FedEx Cup point standings. You're going to break into the win column soon, don't you just feel it?

I think so. We're right there. If you keep putting yourself in good position, and good things will happen.

Q. Your thoughts heading into the final round?

Just go out and play the golf course for what it is. Just keep trying to hit fairways. That's key for me, and I'm looking forward to it.

Q. Was the wind much of a problem on the back nine? It seemed to increase in intensity?

It did pick up. It makes those finishing holes pretty good. Even a short one, 16 was a good hole, 17 is a really good hole. So it makes it difficult, for sure.

Q. A 66 here on Saturday; how happy are you with how you played?

I'm happy. I didn't hit a lot of greens today. I felt like I was getting up and down about every other hole. That's what it felt like. Made a lot of good putts, and every green I missed, I felt like I was missing in the right spot. It was a solid round all together.

Q. What happened on 16? You hurt yourself a little bit on the second?

I found a pretty thick patch of rough and it was on an upslope, and I got in there to get after it and just kind of tweaked the back of the wrist a little bit, the right one. But it feels fine. It's just a little tweak, but it's all right.

Q. Ten events heading into the week and you've made all the cuts, including this week now 11. You keep knocking on the door. What's it going to take tomorrow to finally breakthrough?

I don't know. Who knows what Lucas is going to do or anybody else. I'm just going to go out, play my round and just see what happens. I think that's all you can really do. Trying to post a number, I don't know. Some guys like to do that, but I'm just going to go try to play good and see what happens.

Q. As the guys have said, you've had a nice season putting yourself in the hunt. Do you feel like you're really close to getting your first one?

Yeah. I'm close I just keep playing good. You see guys like Tiger play so well and win so many golf tournaments. It's not easy to do. It takes a lot of luck. He's really good. Takes some luck.

I don't know. I'm going to go out and play golf. Just keep playing. That's what I've been doing.