Zurich Classic interview: D.A. Points

April 26, 2013

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I don't know if I played better today than I played yesterday, but it was no bogeys. It was very easy. I didn't feel like I was in danger of making a bogey which was nice for when your heart rate's down and you don't ever feel like you're in any trouble, it's a nice feel.
I hit a lot of good putt that's didn't go in. So 4 under is a good round.

Q. On 7 it looked like you almost had one go in there at par 5. You were close, but I think it lipped out?

Yeah, it lipped out pretty hard. I made one on 8 that was about 15 feet or whatever. But all in all, I made a lot of great putts. The game feels good. I've just got to keep doing more of the same and see how it shakes out.

Q. A lot of the guys in the afternoon didn't play as well as a lot of the guys in the morning. How did the course play different yesterday to today?

For sure, we were on the unfavorable side of the draw. Because yesterday morning it was misting and windy, then all of a sudden I'm watching the coverage on TV and the flags aren't moving. It's sunny out and 75°. It was much easier yesterday afternoon than it was yesterday morning. Then this afternoon, obviously, the wind kicked up and this morning it was dead calm.

So the conditions weren't as good for us, but I hung in there real well and just hit a lot of smart shots. Fortunately, I've been around this place enough that I've seen a lot of the winds. I know the holes that I can be aggressive on, and I know the holes that I've just got to hit a couple of good smart shots and try to get out of there with a par.

Q. How do you explain this roll you're on? Hasn't been a great season before Houston, and won there in really impressive fashion. Now you seem to be carrying it over here. How do you explain it?

Well, if you make putts, the game of golf is so much easier. I'm making putts and I'm very confident over my shorter putts. When you feel like you're going to make everything inside of 5 feet, that makes the rest of your life a lot easier because now your pitches if you get it inside 5 feet, you feel like you're going to make it and make par. Same if you hit nice wedge shots or iron shots and they get inside 5 feet, you feel like, oh, great, it's going to be a birdie. Before that, I wasn't always missing all of them. But I wasn't making as many as I should.

Now it takes the pressure off the rest of the game. My swing has been pretty good all year. But when you're not making putts, it's hard to score.

Q. When is the last time you felt this confident with your game?

Houston. But you know, really you know, the beginning of last year. I got off to a great start at the beginning of last year. That's kind of the way it goes. This game there are some peaks and valleys. And the thing that I think being my seventh year out here, I've realized that it's going to happen. You're going to play good. You're going to play bad. You just have to try to hang in there when it's not going good and believe that it's going to turn around and be good.

That's what I think I did a good job of is just going it's going to happen. It's going to happen. I've just got to keep doing the right stuff and be open to working on things in maybe a slightly different fashion and but still working at it and it's going to eventually turn around.

Q. That was your mom's putter, right?

No, it's my putter. It was my mom's putter 27 years ago. It hasn't been her putter for a long time.

Q. Does she have any other clubs you're eyeballing right now?

No, no. But I changed putting instructors and he gave me an hour last time. It's funny. I hadn't seen him since Houston and he came and visited with me this week. He lives in Beaumont, Texas, which isn't too far, and he came out and saw a couple of other guys. He said, oh, I see this. I see that. And just a couple little tweaks, and it's right back on track again.

Q. Can you elaborate on what he saw?

My right hip was getting a little high at address. And also, when I was trying to take the putter back, I was doing a little too much with my hands and my wrists as opposed to still picking it up and trying to do a little bit more with my arms.

Q. You realize if you win, he's going to be like the next Dave Stockton?

His name's Brian White. He's the head coach at Lamar. He's a great guy. And he's not out here to try to make a putting name for himself. He just comes out because he likes being out here with some of the guys, and he's like, hey, I just want to help you. That's pretty cool. It's commendable that he's not seeking to be the next Dave Stockton. It's not that there's anything wrong with that. But he wants to help us and help us do well.

Q. Is he on the payroll yet?

Oh, yeah, I pay him for his time. And when he comes in, I try to take care of him the best I can. Me and the other guys that he sees as well.

Q. Was that Tuesday or Wednesday?

I saw him Wednesday and yesterday afternoon.

Q. After your round?


Q. One last thing on the 14 year old kid. It looks like he's going to make another cut.


Q. Yeah. He's at 3.

I think I heard somebody else, Tripp Isenhour talked about it on the Golf Channel. I think it's great, but it's also a slippery slope. He's 14. He needs to go show the world that he's going to win U.S. Amateurs and British Amateurs and Asian Amateurs and do that repeatedly. Because if you can do that like Tiger did, you can step to the next stone.

I think like maybe Michelle Wie's parents and people got her going down the wrong path too soon. When you can go and show that I can beat everybody repeatedly, not just one, but over and over, then you can go, okay, now I'm ready to go and try to play with the best in the world.