Zurich Classic interview: Tianlang Guan

April 25, 2013

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Q. I wondered, how do you think you played today?

I think I played still pretty good golf. Not the best, but I made some ups and downs and a couple birdies. I think I still played a pretty good on round.

Q. How about the amount of people here? A lot of New Orleaneans like you since you played before here in this city. How about the amount of people watching you?

Yeah, it's pretty good. I came here last year to practice here. I'm happy to come back this year, and I appreciate that people start coming here watching me and rooting for me. Thanks for that.

Q. Little bit nervous during The Masters when you stepped on the first tee. Today, how were your nerves?

It's a little bit different, but I think it's still a little bit, but it's a little bit different from The Masters.

Q. Do you think you'll be able to make the cut tomorrow?

If I play good.

Q. Give me your thoughts on qualifying for the U.S. Open in a couple of weeks?

Yeah, I'm going to play in Dallas, I think, and try to make it. One of the biggest things is to make the U.S. Open too.

Q. Would you talk about how this course may have played differently this afternoon than in your earlier trips around this week? Was it different for you?

A little bit, but yesterday's rain and today is pretty wet. But the course is not very hard, but it's still challenging.

Q. Talk about the shot you hit on 17.

Yeah, it's pretty good. It was a wonderful shot.

I hit 5‑wood and tried to draw a little bit, and it's just right at the distance.

Q. Your trip at The Masters and then coming here to play in this event, is this to you just another round now that you've gotten The Masters behind you?

It's normal preparation for another tournament. This is a really big one too, so it didn't change much.