Zurich Classic interview: D.A. Points

April 25, 2013

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Q. Solid opening round. Took advantage of the early scoring holes and sort of survived coming in and a nice close there at 18.

Yeah, it wasn't super easy out there today. It's a long golf course with no roll. But again to put our hand on it helps, especially around the greens. Chipping and pitching was a lot easier on this type Bermuda when you can put your hand on it and give yourself a good lie.

Q. The golf course seemed to handle the rain pretty well. Obviously, we'll have to play it up given how much rain there was. Was it a pretty big advantage out there or just more helpful?

It was just more helpful because the wind is still blowing and swirling a little bit. Again, because you're not getting any roll, so it's a long golf course, especially for me because I'm not that long a hitter anyway.

But I hit a lot of good shots. I kept it right in front of me, and I chipped it and pitched it pretty well.

Q. Old gal in the bag still behaving and making some putts for you?

Yeah, it was funny. I was teasing my caddy we get on 10 fairway, and I said I probably shouldn't tell you this, but I had nine putts on the front nine. He goes great, way to go. And then I one‑putted 10 and 11. Then he goes well now you have 11 putts in 11 holes. So it was rolling good. The greens are great. I feel good about the rest of the week.

Q. With your game, how liberating is a couple of weeks ago just to get the win and have the rest of the season? How much has that freed your game and your swing here in the second half?

Well, a little bit. I'd say the main thing is just making putts. When you feel good over the putter, it's amazing how that liberates your game and liberates your swing. You don't feel like you've got to hit it two feet and make a putt. So it's nice to go, Okay, I'm going to try to get this up there around the hole and I'm rolling it good enough I'm going to knock it in.

Q. Putt well, play well, pretty easy solution, huh?

Yes, every day.

Q. Seven birdies and a bogey on his way to an opening round 66. Lot of rain here in the last couple of days. How did the course play? Did you think a low one out there was available?

Well, I wasn't sure when I started the day, but this was a north wind which was a little different than normal which made some of the harder holes play a little easier, but also some of the easier holes a little bit harder. It really held the rain well. We were very pleasantly surprised when we got out there. Being able to lift, clean and place definitely helps around the greens. Being able to feel like you could get yourself a really good lie on pitch shots and chip shots in the fairway. But, yeah, it was in good condition.

Q. When we talked in Houston, it had been a struggle for you for much of the year before the victory. What's it been like after the victory in terms of your confidence?

Well, confidence is definitely up and largely due to putting. If I feel good with the putter and feel like I'm relatively confident with that, the rest of my game is always pretty good. That just makes it a little bit freer, and I can have a little more confidence and maybe even be a little more aggressive when I know I'm going to make some putts.