RBC Heritage interview: Pat Perez

April 19, 2013

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Q. It's never the way you want to end a round, but solid playing heading into the weekend.

I tried to get myself in position, but I've got to quit making touchdowns out there and keep making birdies. But I'm happy with the way I'm playing.

Didn't really do much the last two weeks. I didn't want to say slow down, but I take a week off to watch the Masters to get motivated and inspired and all that stuff. Then I come here and figured I'd work as hard as I could on Tuesday and Wednesday. I hit a lot of good shots and made some putts.

Q. 13 birdies through two rounds, that's got to be a good sign?

Yeah, out here especially. I didn't think I'd make a lot of birdies, but I seem to be hitting it closer than I ever have out here. This wind is unbelievable out here. It's really hard to even hit the greens, let alone get it close. We'll see what happens. Hopefully I can keep it going the next two days.

Q. Any round under par, Pat, in the afternoon especially, is very good out there on this golf course. You're at 6 under, you did have a bogey on 16. Still are you satisfied with today?

Yeah, I am. I made 13 birdies in two days, so I've hit a lot close. I've hit a lot of good shots. I've had some others, that can happen very fast out on this course, especially with this wind. I can't remember the last time I played this wind like this out here.

I'm happy overall. I'm putting well. I tried to keep it in front of me, really.

Q. Curt Byrum, who is up in the Tower for live coverage, said, "Maybe the old Pat Perez after a double bogey on 16 may have lost it a bit and came home bogey, bogey." How much more are you in control of your emotions than years past?

I started working with a guy named Chris Dorris out in Phoenix, he's teaching me a lot of the mental stuff and trying to turn negatives into positives, and never let something bother me. It's hard, especially for me, because I've done it my whole life, but to say, "That's not going to bring me down, let's try to make 5 instead of 6." And the next hole it's basically done.

I'm it trying to stay level, which is always, for me, trying to stay on a high. I've really worked hard on it this year. I definitely think it's helped. I don't have the ups and downs. I'm trying to just stay really level, and it's helped me. I had a horrendous 7 on the 5th hole yesterday, after being 6 under after 13. And I didn't really let it affect me. I just kind of laughed at it, I couldn't believe somebody could play a hole that bad and I did. I just tried to get it in to just get closer to Sunday.