RBC Heritage interview: Bill Haas

April 19, 2013

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Q. How hard were the conditions out there for you?

They were very tricky. Like you said, it was playing tough. I did not play all that well, actually. Just anytime I missed a green I was able to make a par. To get out of that round with only one bogey, I'm very pleased.

Q. What does that do for your mentality moving forward when you don't have a hundred percent of your game, you're still able to put up a sub par number on the board?

Good and bad. Good that I was able to do it, but I need to improve. In order to keep that up, you're going to have to hit some fairways out here. You have to hit some greens. Just to make it a little bit more stress free out there.

But very happy to be in this position, and hopefully the weekend I'm ball striking a little bit better.

Q. This golf course, a lot of folks when they're watching they see Harbour Town, 18th hole, they think this course is exposed a lot to the wind. This course is really tree lined. Does that promote a lot of swirling of the winds today?

Yeah, I think so. The wind was pretty steady one direction, but like you say with the trees lining pretty much the entire course, except for 16, 17 and 18, you make a shot and it catches a gust, an odd gust, and (inaudible.) But generally I think you have to trust it once it gets above the trees.

Q. What are your expectations moving forward?

Hopefully hit good drives. The first tee shot is my next goal; hit a good one there. It's a cliché, just keep the ball in front of you, stay out of trouble and hopefully make a few putts.

Q. To go around this course two days with only one bogey, that's pretty good golf?

I appreciate it. Yesterday was a lot of two putts, tap in pars. And today was more stressful. But two holes I hit a provisional ball. I played those two holes 1 under par. So it could have been ugly out there today for me, and I was able to get away with a few shots there today to shoot 1 under.

Q. Let's talk about this being the only tournament in South Carolina, what it means to you.

Yeah, we talked about it yesterday a little bit, even though it's a four hour drive from my house, it still feels like hometown it's got that hometown feel. My parents met here, we joke that this is probably the reason I exist, the fact that they got together at this tournament. Hilton Head, and where we vacationed a lot. It means a lot to our family.

To be up there on the leaderboard and hopefully have a chance on Sunday, there's a lot of golf left, but it would be really special.

Q. Obviously the birdies were big but how big was the up and down on 7? How difficult was that shot? We couldn't get a view.

It was tough. And it was kind of a funny lie. We got that, I don't know what that stuff is falling, the pollen holders. It holds the pollen, I don't know what it is. It basically had caked the bunker. It wasn't just that, but it was that and the pollen pods or whatever.

It was tricky. I hit a nice shot to get it to about ten feet. For sure, to make that putt after birdieing 5 and 6 was huge, knowing that I had 8 and 9 downwind. Felt like I could maybe get one more; didn't have that happen, but like you said, the putt at 7 having made up for those.

Q. How difficult was it to putt out there?

Yeah, very tricky. Especially 15, 16, 17, 18 mainly 16, 17 and 18 the greens are exposed. So I would say it's more difficult on those. The rest of the course, even though you feel the breeze, I think you're sheltered enough with the trees that putting is maybe you're not getting blown all over the place.

But it definitely swirls out there, so it makes it tougher to hit the green.

Q. You are in a great position heading into the weekend.

Yeah, very pleased to be 5 under, especially in tough conditions today to shoot a couple under out there, when really I didn't have my best stuff. I would say I had my best stuff around the greens. Chipping and putting was pretty good today. Hopefully get them together, ball striking and chip and putt well on the weekend, and I'll have a chance on Sunday.