Valero Texas Open interview: Rory McIlroy

April 06, 2013

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Today could have been a couple of shots better, but I'm still in a decent position going into the last day and hopefully I can make a run of it.

Q. Rory, that was a really tough day to play golf out there, I thought. A lot of tricky breezes and some difficult hole locations.

Yeah, for sure. It was a tough scoring day. It was hard to really go low under par. I got off to a nice start birdieing the 1st and birdieing the 3rd. For the most part it was just about trying to play really smart and hit good fairways, if you could, and hit greens and give yourself as many chances as you possibly can.

But it was tough. I probably should have been a couple better, but at the end of the day, it's still a solid round, and I still have a chance coming into tomorrow.

Q. And that is the key. Because I don't think we've seen your best golf yet this week. I can tell you're really close to putting up a really exotic number out there?

Yeah, I felt yesterday was really good. Today was not quite as good, but obviously the wind made it tough to score. But I feel like there's a low one in me for sure.

Q. You talked about trying to eliminate silly mistakes and you did that pretty well yesterday. How do you feel you did today?

Okay. I mean, I had a couple of three‑putts on the back nine, and those you try to avoid as much as you can. But apart from that, it was okay. It was more a case of not taking my opportunities. I put myself in two good positions, especially on the last two holes, and I didn't really take advantage of them.

It could have been a couple of shots better, but I'm still in a decent position going into tomorrow.

Q. Do you feel like you got what you wanted out of these three days?

Yeah, for sure. Just to get more competitive, that is the main thing. Going into tomorrow, somewhere around the lead a few shots back, it's a nice position to be in, and it would be great to get off to a fast start tomorrow and get in the mix and sort of have that feeling again and have that feeling going into Augusta.

Q. Would you say you're expecting to win or hoping to win?

It depends how many shots I am back, I guess. Billy is obviously playing so well out there. Yeah, it all depends. I don't think you ever expect to win. You go out there and you try your best. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, you try to finish as high up as you can.

Q. Last week you had your teacher here in Houston. This week you don't have your teacher. Do you prefer one to the other or is it good to try both?

I feel like we worked really well last week. I wasn't planning on coming here, and he was planning on being with his family in Palm Beach so he's having the week with them. But this wasn't a week I wanted to work on technique. This was a week I just wanted to get out on the golf course and play. We did some good work last week, and I feel like it wasn't really necessary to have him here this week, but he'll be at The Masters next week just in case.