Valero Texas Open interview: Daniel Summerhays

April 04, 2013

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Q. Daniel, never good to end with a 5 unless you're staring at a 6.  That's a clutch 7 footer you made for the five on the last hole?

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS:  That's exactly what you dream of having, a little seven foot, down the hill, slider for bogey.  Just what dreams are made of (laughing).  But, no.  I hit a good putt.  You're going to make mistakes.  It just happened to be on the 9th hole.

Q. Tell me about your approach into the 8th, the par 5.  We had you just outside of 100 yards. 

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS:  Yeah, I had 103 yards, 105 yards adjusted, and the wind kind of went down just a little bit, so I took a little off the 54 degree wedge, and clipped it just right.  It sounded like it almost went in.  I couldn't quite tell, but I love those eight inch tap in birdies.

Q. Yeah, those are the good ones to make.  Doesn't take much to get going sideways out here. You really have to be precise.  I thought you drove the ball well. 

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS:  Yeah, I drove it really well.  There was only once where I was even in remote trouble on 18, and I got a good break there.  So I think I hit almost every other fairway all day long.  I'm not sure exactly; I'd have to go back and think through it. 

But, yeah, this course is very intimidating.  Especially when the wind blows, it can get pretty scary out there.  But I'm driving it well, and I'm looking forward to the weekend.

Q. Tell me about that putt at 5?  I knew from the get go that was really fast down the hill. 

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS:  Yeah, I putted it right off the green.

Q. That happens. 

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS:  Yeah, it was up and over, down the tier, and then it flattened and probably two paces after the hole it goes off the green.  I just hit it barely too hard.  It looked like it was only going to stop three feet past, and it just rolled right off the fringe. 

Again, you kind of chuckle at that kind of stuff.  You chuckle at the thing on 9, and you don't have to play perfect to be right in contention.  So I'm kind of taking that attitude.  You just laugh at those and know you're going to make some birdies coming in.

Q. You have the family out this week.  What are you doing this afternoon? 

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS:  Yeah, hopefully the wind stays down and we can go over to the River Water Adventure over here at the JW Marriott.  It's beautiful.