Shell Houston Open interview: Ben Crane

March 30, 2013

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Q.How pleased are you were today's round?

BEN CRANE: I played great all day. I just -- I got it going early and felt like I was putting well, so I didn't feel like I had to shoot the holes, I could shoot away in some safe spots. There's a lot of water lurking out there. Just was playing really well overall and got a couple putts to go and played solid all day.

Q. How were the conditions different from the scores we saw in the first two days?

BEN CRANE: We were warming up this morning it was howling. I thought it was going to be a really windy day, flighting a lot of shots. All of a sudden on our second 9, the wind just laid down and all of a sudden the conditions were ideal for scoring. It was perfect out there.

Q. Excitement for tomorrow? What's the game plan?

BEN CRANE: I've not kind of put it together this year yet, and so I'm thankful to be in this spot, see some progress in my game, and certainly I'll be ready tomorrow and just excited to just get another round in, and I just feel great about it and my game and just set-up stuff has really changed everything. My putting feels good. I'm excited to go.

Q. Just, Ben, 5-under par, seems like everybody is stacking up around 5-under par day. When you teed off this morning, the wind was blowing. You got a little bit of a break out there, didn't you?

BEN CRANE: There's no question. The guys that teed off at 9:00 or so had the worst of it because it was humming there for a few hours. All of a sudden this afternoon it just laid down. Our last 9 holes it was ideal scoring conditions. I had a 6-mile-an-hour breeze. It was -- and the greens are pure. You put yourself in position, you're going to be able to make some putts and get them on line.

Q. First two days late in the day the greens dried out. The extra humidity in the air kind of made the greens hold in there and stay a lot truer late?

BEN CRANE: I expected these greens to be just brick hard by now, but thankfully we had some good weather to keep them from browning out a little bit. We were able to -- 6-irons are still probably releasing maybe eight to 8 to 10 yards. They're just perfect right now.

Q. Your thoughts going into Sunday, Easter Sunday?

BEN CRANE: This is the Super Bowl of my faith and the Lord, and so I couldn't be more excited by just having an opportunity to play on Easter Sunday and just what means to me and I'll just never get over it. Just real excited.

Q. Ben, how about that round?

BEN CRANE: We're actually going to stop the tournament right now and everybody is good, we're going to go home, leader in the clubhouse. I think we're finished. It's a wrap.

Q. You'll be free for tomorrow?

BEN CRANE: Got of guys in the thick of it tomorrow. Should be a shoot-out. The golf course is in perfect shape. Greens are rolling really well. So, you know, if you're getting putts on line, get the feeling with the putter, you're going to have the opportunity to make a lot of birdies.

Q. What worked so well for you today?

BEN CRANE: I'm starting to feel more comfortable with my game. I'm driving the ball better and certainly hit some good iron shots and just starting to put it together. I really didn't miss a lot of greens, and I feel really good about my putting right now. Feel like I can get the ball on line a lot and I misjudged the speed a couple times. Other than that, I really feel good about the work I've done.

Q. Will there be a number you think to shoot tomorrow?

BEN CRANE: Definitely the low score will win the tournament. I think that's what's going to happen tomorrow.