Shell Houston Open interview: D.A. Points

March 29, 2013

Q. D.A., 1-under, 71 with quite the spectacular par on the last hole.

D.A. POINTS: Yeah. I drove it perfect in the fairway. I got a mud ball and I had 5-iron in, hit a really solid little 5-iron, but the mud the took it way off line into the bunker and fortunately hit a really good bunker shot and holed a nice, 8, 9-foot putt.

Q. Was your plan today to be fairly conservative?

D.A. POINTS: My plan was to do what the day called for. The PGA Tour did a wonderful job of setting up pretty much every pin. If the wind was in and off the right, they put it in the back right of the corner next to the water, or if it was down and off the left, they put it on the front left right by the water, and it was just one of those things that one greedy swing, you know, could all of a sudden a double shows up and then you're in real trouble.
I was maybe a little bit cautious, but I didn't have a lot of green lights today, and when you don't have that, you know, when you're in the position of lead or close to the lead, you can't really squander them.

Q. So you didn't have any problem backing off shots.

D.A. POINTS: No. No. It was just one of those things that it was like, gosh, I had a couple of shots where the wind, you know, I throw it out there waiting for the 20-mile-an-hour wind to take it and the ball wouldn't move. The one time I'm going to go ahead and hit right there and hope the wind doesn't take it and blows it off line. It was just kind of one of those days. All in all, I'm proud of how patient I was and, you know, no bogies on this golf course is still pretty good.

Q. What are you taking into this weekend with you?

D.A. POINTS: I'm taking that I'm still putting good. I didn't make anything, but it wasn't because of poor strokes. The greens were slower today and maybe a little bumpy in the afternoon. Tomorrow with less people on them, maybe they'll be a little faster and I'll be able to make some putts.

Q. How did it go for you today? Nice save on 18?

D.A. POINTS: When was the last time you guys had rain here? I had mud on my ball like a horrid mud ball in the middle of the 18th fairway and it was on the left-hand side. And I know it makes it go right, but with the wind off right and the water on the left, it was kind of unfortunate, but I was fortunate to get an up and down.

Q. How do you like your position?

D.A. POINTS: My position is fine. I mean, considering I didn't -- I made everything yesterday and made nothing today, to be one shot back and be right in the mix is huge. So, you know, if I can, you know, maybe get a little closer to the hole tomorrow and see a few more go in, I'll be doing well.

Q. What's going to be running through your head there when you're walking the 9th green in the morning off the driving range, your friend's house?

D.A. POINTS: Yeah. Yeah. Nothing, really. You know, there's nothing -- I mean, there's nothing to think about. I got to do what I've been doing. I've got a game plan. I've played here plenty of times. I know what I'm going to hit off every tee and mostly into every green. It's just the same. Got to actually make a putt.

Q. How much does that help you?

D.A. POINTS: It's huge, really huge to come here and be like okay, 18 in this wind you can hit this and on 17, you know, got to make sure you take this line. It's stuff like that that will definitely, I think, bode well for me over the weekend.

Q. You were saying yesterday there was a thick group at the top. What kind of battle do you expect this to be like for the next two days?

D.A. POINTS: Depends on the weather. Today the wind was supposed to lay down today and did it not. The greens were a little slower, and I struggled with my speed a little bit early, but, you know, it all depends on the weather.