Tampa Bay Championship interview: K.J. Choi

March 15, 2013

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Q. I thought you drove the ball beautifully in the second round, you only missed two fairways the entire day.

Yeah, today I drive very well. A couple putts and chipping out over in 15 feet and ten feet. But I'm very impressed this week and starting second week in the claw putter grip.
Sometimes very nervous, but I keep going in the more line and hit it more high line, it's very adjustment. Irons sometimes a little confusing, very gusting, windy. So confusing to hit it. Not doing well on a couple shots.
But still, 6 under par, a very good position, so my confidence is very well. It's so far, so good.

Q. You had 25 putts in the second round and you one putted the three par 3s on the back nine, two of them for birdies and a nice par save at the 17th?

I missed shot on the tee, and 219 and a little rescue club. 16, bogey, thinking about it and I hit it, oh, and I miss on the right. So more bunkers more comfortable, but better than rough. Hit very high shot and good, solid 12 foot. It's a very, very difficult and a big putt, 17.

Q. When did you first use the claw grip?

L.A. L.A., skip Match Play.

Q. How come you switched to the claw grip?

All the time my problem is right to left in the putting in the low side. So my dominant eye is in the right eye so more line is about pushing right eye, and my head sits a little left. All the time the ball goes to the left. My stroke is good, speed is good, but every time in the low side, and then some holding on the left hand on the right side. So tournaments, very confused.
Still on PGA TOUR, career is doing good, but I'm disappointed in over 15 foot and some ten foot. Claw grip is more right side and more down, and even the move in the right hands on the side with the right.

Q. So it helps with your eye line?

The eye line is more on the line. So some tournaments is coming in the pressure, so still on the left but I fight. Very good fight today. It's a couple putts missed but so far very impress in the putting.

Q. Why do you think you like this course so much? What seems to fit your eye about it?

This course very comfortable for me, and low cut and very narrow fairway. I love No. 6 hole. Nobody hit it so well on the right side, and still in the cut in the right miss, so I'm hitting straight in the left miss. So that's why 285, 290 shot in the low fade. And the wind blowing, come to underneath the trees, and the greens, looks like very, see the grain.

My first time I practice in Jacksonville before that, very similar overseed that green. TPC Sawgrass it's more comfortable. In Korea all the time in Korea bentgrass, so some overseed in bentgrass, but seeing the line.

Q. Seems like when you come here you have a lot of confidence and you seem to play well; do you arrive here with a lot of confidence in your game?

You know, the golf course is a very good patience. And a bogey after, nobody knows. And the good scoring on the front side and the back side is very difficult on 16 and 17, even 18. So one thing is patience; I miss one time not patience 17. So what happened, 9 iron, hit it 165 in the downwind and missed right. And then hit it and it go right and missed shot.

So all the time my focus on the golf course, every hole is a new hole and a new day. So you know, this course is very firm greens, very small target. It's a very generous hit it in the second shot and the targets are bigger.

Now somebody, very small target and miss shot, have a big problem. Mostly right side of pin, left side miss but some people, aggressive and hit it and bounces over and can't stop it downhill. That's why cut shot more help on this course.

Q. So you like that kind of test?

Yeah, today it's never draw shot, all the time in the cut shot. In the driver, the irons, the 3 woods. That's why the miss on the left, but go generous, and cut it, more saving. Somebody, hit a draw, but try a cut, very difficult. So all the time cut it, it's softer on the land and ball bigger target on the greens ... long time ago, Jack say (laughing).