Tampa Bay Championship interview: Brian Harman

March 14, 2013

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DOUG MILNE: Thank you for joining us for a few minutes after an opening round 4‑under 67 here at the Tampa Bay Championship presented by EverBank. Some comments on the round and we'll take a few questions.

Yeah, I played well. Just didn't miss in any bad shots, stayed real patient. Had a couple things go my way and I hung in there real well. Made a bogey on the last, but still felt like I made the right decision on the second shot. Some bad stuff is going to happen out there, it's just how you handle adversity.

DOUG MILNE: With 23 putts, obviously you had the flat stick working well, was that the key for you?

BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah a little bit of a skewed stat. I missed a couple greens by just a little and holed a couple from the fringe that were less than 15 feet. So probably closer to 25, 26 points in actuality.
But I putted very well. Didn't have any 3‑putts and stayed on the correct side of the hole for most of the day.

Q. You played out here for the first time last year?

I played last year.

Q. And I think it was opening round 74 or something like that, much different today. Can you explain what was different this year?

I'd like to think that being a year older that maybe I've started to gain a little more patience out there, and realize that you don't have to birdie every single hole to be in contention at a golf tournament. Sometimes par is really good.

Q. You said you made the right choice on the last hole; what were your options after the drive?

That's a new pin. We didn't have that pin in the book, but I knew where the pin was. I drove it just a little right and it crept into the rough. And the way my ball was sitting in the rough, I couldn't tell if it was going to fly or if it was going to come out and spin a little bit.

So 161 hole, and wind was pumping pretty good back into, I ended up going with 7‑iron instead of 6‑iron. 6‑iron, if it jumps at all, it's toast long anyway. So I figured even if I missed with a 7, that that front bunker was better than long, and the ball plugged up in the lip and I had to play out to the left and I still made the right decision.

Q. You and Harris were both tied for the lead and he had; can you talk about your friendship with him, you guys trash talk each other a little bit?

Harris doesn't know how to trash talk. He's too much of a sweetheart. No, Harris is probably my best bud in the whole world. We are kind of attached to the hip out here. He's my buddy and we live real close together and travel a lot together. Good pal, and I'm glad to see him playing well.

Q. The morning round didn't seem to fair as well as the afternoon round; do you think conditions improved?

Yeah, it seemed like the wind might have died a little bit. Definitely warmed up. Over the course of the year, it happens. It may even out by the end of the tournament, it may not, but it definitely seemed like the afternoon was playing slightly easier.

Q. Is this one of your better rounds this year?

I've had some decent ones this year. This is definitely probably the best thought‑out rounds that I had. I had a great game plan and stuck to it all day.

Q. I know you visited the Chi Chi Rodríguez Academy First Tee of Clearwater yesterday; did the kids gave you some pointers?

I'm involved with The First Tee up in Sea Island, and just to see how much those kids appreciate us being out there and appreciate the game of golf, it definitely puts things in perspective and makes making a bogey at the end of round not seem like such a big deal.

DOUG MILNE: Well, Brian, great playing, keep it up. Thanks for your time.