Puerto Rico Open interview: Scott Brown

February 10, 2014

THE MODERATOR: Okay. We'd like to welcome the 2013 champion of the Puerto Rico Open presented by seepuertorico.com. Scott Brown, if you want to start off talking about the finishing hole where you made a must needed birdie to win and then we'll have a few questions.

SCOTT BROWN: Yeah. Fabian was playing good all day. He played solid, and forced my tee shot a little bit off the tee, and fortunately I got a good break. It was sitting on a fair lie, but I had to kind of draw it around two palm trees. And I pulled it off and it ran right there just short of the green. And then I hit the chip up there four feet you'd say and made it. So I just tried to hang tough all day, you know, and nearly hoped for a moment there on 18 that if I could get a chance to win, that it would come along. So just very fortunate.

Q. When did you start to realize it may be possible? When you saw that he hit that shot that was kind of quite a few yards (inaudible)?

Yeah. His shot from the fairway, when I saw it kind of hop through the bunker just on I knew it was a tough shot with the pin being cut so close to that down slope there. I knew that he would have a tough time making birdie. So I didn't think he would make a bogey. I figured I would need a birdie to get in the playoff. You know, I feel bad for him, but I just tried to keep myself near the lead all day just in case something crazy happens.

Q. (Inaudible)?

Yeah. I mean I played good all day, but it seemed like I was a yard or two short or long all day. It was kind of one of those days where I actually had to grind for it. And then you know, last hole I knew I had to at least make birdie. I figured I'd have to make eagle, to be honest with you, the way he was playing. So I wanted to stay aggressive. That's when I shot from the trees, and very fortunate to hit a good shot there.

Q. You got a great start with the eagle and had a three shot lead at some point and then had some trouble in the middle of the round. Can you talk about those holes?

Yeah. I hit too much club on 8 on the par 3. I hit a good shot. It was just left of the flag but it bounced long. And the pin is cut back edge, and I had to kind of run something like a little bump and run shot. And didn't pull it off. Then 9 I hit kind of a mediocre tee shot in the right rough and just had to hit any second shot kind of over the Palm trees and the wind was blowing in my face and it just came up short, plugged in the bunker. So I was actually happy to get away with bogey there with that lie. And then 11, I hit a good shot on 11, too, and it hit the face of the bunker and rolled back in. If it carries another foot, it's probably up there four feet. So it was just one of those days, you know, I was a yard or two from being really close all day. Just happened to work the other way.

Q. Fabian having the attention of the crowds, did that bother you at all?

Not really. I felt a lot of support all week. I played with Andres Romero yesterday. And I mean this was great. I felt like they treated me just as equally as the local guys.

Q. Knowing he probably has to make birdie to stay alive?

Probably a little bit easier than I would have been if I'd have had a one shot lead. I knew I had to be aggressive, so I think that kind of eased the pressure a little bit.

Q. More pressure than Fabian?

I would say so.

Q. I think this is four weeks in a row for you now.

This is my third week in a row.

Q. Third week in a row. Are you feeling physically or mentally tired?

No. I love playing golf. You know, I think I tend to play better the more I play. So you know, I played good in the two Web.com events. I finished 3rd in Panama and 7th in Bogota. So I felt like some good golf was coming, and fortunately it was this week.

Q. Can you talk a little bit what that means for you at this point in your so young career?

Yeah. It's a dream come true, something you dream about as a kid for me. I've been playing golf since I was four or five years old, and obviously growing up in Augusta, Georgia, I was probably 500 yards from the front gate. It means a great deal.

Q. Can you talk about the winning putt? What were you thinking, what were your thoughts

SCOTT BROWN: I was trying to keep my hands from shaking off the putter. No, it was a pretty easy putt really. It had a little bit of break in it, and I was thinking just hit the putt. I haven't missed one of those all week. So I was just trying to be positive over it. You know, I lined up and just said knock it in.

Q. You've done pretty well in Puerto Rico. Fifth I think it was last year and you won this year. Do you see more about the course in general?

I think the Bermuda, just growing up in the Southeast, I kind of have an eye for these greens a little bit. I putted really well here last year. I putted really good this year. I don't know what it is about it. I just see the breaks really well here. The putter just is hot here for some reason.

Can you go through your birdies?

SCOTT BROWN: Let's see. I eagled 2 hit 3 iron in the middle of the green on 2 and made eagle there. I had like a 40 footer for eagle. And then 5, I hit it just right of the for some reason on 5 in two. Got up and down, hit it up to like five feet and made that putt. And birdies on 12 birdied 12. I hit 12 was playing really tough today. It was playing long. I hit driver 5 iron into 12, probably 20 feet and made that putt coming back down the hill. And then 18, I hit it just in front of the green and chipped it to four feet and knocked it in.

Q. Are you coming back next year?


THE MODERATOR: Thanks a lot, Scott, and good luck down the road.