Puerto Rico Open interview: Scott Brown

March 08, 2013

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Q. Start off talking about what was going good out there.

SCOTT BROWN: Man, I got off to just a very normal start, birdied both par 5s on the front. Was hitting it good. And then I holed a shot out on 7 from the fairway with a 7 iron.

Q. About how far out?

SCOTT BROWN: I think I had roughly 170 to the hole. It was the next par 3 I made like a 50 footer for birdie and then hit it to an inch on nine and kind of just jump started my round. 

Birdied 10, and then I kind of went astray a little bit with some iron shots, but I made some good up and downs. I missed like four greens in a row, got three out of four up and downs and birdied both par 5s coming in on the par 3 on 16. So just a solid day. I hit it well, putted it well, got it down when I needed to to keep my momentum going.

Q. Is this something you've been needing this year, you think, some breaks like that to maybe get things going?

SCOTT BROWN: I mean I played really good all year. You know, I played decent at Pebble when I got in there and then I played the last two weeks on the Web.com Tour. I finished third in Panama and seventh in Bogota. I haven't been making a lot of putts, but I've been hitting it really good and a lot of the putts haven't been going in, I think good putts. So I knew it was coming. This week I just putted really well.

Q. What's your thoughts on going into tomorrow then, the weekend?

SCOTT BROWN: I'm just going to keep trying to do the same thing. I played well here last year, so I'm kind of trying to feed off last year's momentum a little bit and really just hit I'm driving it well, so I've kind of put myself in a good position off the tee, being aggressive into some greens. So hopefully the putter will stay hot.

Q. You're in the last pairing tomorrow. Have you been in a final pairing on the weekend in recent?

SCOTT BROWN: I don't know. I've been close. I don't know that I've been in the last. I think I've been in the last few a couple times last year. But it'll be a new experience. I'm looking forward to it.

Q. Back to the putter, have you done anything different this week? Make any changes?

SCOTT BROWN: Not really. Just kind of just freed up. You know, I just said I just tried to make it simple. Just try to look where I want it to go and putt it there. Kind of trying to get rid of all of the mechanical I guess mechanical stuff in there. Just go back to feel and just putt it in.

Q. Is this your first time playing here or have you played here?

SCOTT BROWN: Last year.

Q. Is there something about the course you like?

SCOTT BROWN: I don't know. It fits my eye really well. I finished fifth here last year. I played good. It's just I think Bermuda is one thing, I grew up in the Southeast, Augusta, Georgia, so I guess Bermudagrass is kind of home to me.

Q. Yeah, I've heard a lot of that this week. Everybody is happy to get back on the Bermuda?

SCOTT BROWN: Absolutely, yeah.