Puerto Rico Open interview: Andres Romero

March 08, 2013

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Q. 14 under now for the first two days. What do you attribute your success over the first two rounds to?

ANDRES ROMERO: I'm just playing well. I started out very, very well. But really what's helped me is going back to my old putter, the Spider shaft. It's really been great for me. I had used that putter for a long time and then after a while I changed it. And the last week I started using it again. 

And then besides playing the greens well, I'm also striking the ball well. So finally all three things have come together, putting well, hitting my irons well, driving well.

Q. Seeing how low the scores have been so far, are you specifically setting out to try to birdie every hole or is that just something that's coming naturally?

ANDRES ROMERO: Well, yeah, I just feel that if I give myself a chance, I'm going to have a chance to make birdies, since I'm playing the greens so well. 

The truth is that every time I stand over a putt, I feel good about it. I just never think about 2 putting. I feel very confident with my putting. And that's really helped, but every time I putt, I putt to hole it in.

Q. Any changes for the next two days or are you just going to try to keep doing what you've been doing?

ANDRES ROMERO: No. I'm just going to try to keep things going, stay calm the way I've been doing. I think that's the most important thing, just stay calm and take it one shot at a time, try not to think about what might happen on the 72nd hole and just try to take it hole by hole.

Q. What do you think about the success of all the Latin American players so far, particularly the Argentinians with Fabian and Angel Cabrera also close by?

ANDRES ROMERO: Yes. I'm very happy about that. I had a great group with Camilo and Andres Cabrera. They're actually great company and I think that also helped me play well. It helped me stay calm and very relaxed and I think having good company has a lot to do with that.