Puerto Rico Open interview: Andres Romero

March 07, 2013

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Q. Andres, it was quite an impressive start. You got to 9 under at one point, and you must be very pleased with today's performance. 

ANDRES ROMERO: Yes. I'm happy about the way things went. Last week on Thursday I started striking the ball quite well and then played really well on Friday, but it wasn't good enough for me to make the cut. Anyway, I was very pleased at the end, and I practiced a lot over the weekend. I had a good feeling about my game, and today I just felt confident on each and every shot I hit. 

I felt I couldn't miss, and thank God, I'm putting well again. I went back to a putter I used to play in the past, the spider with center shaft. I had always played that, and once again, I feel confident when going for the hole, which is something I haven't felt in a while. 

I got to a point that I stood over the ball without knowing or having much idea where the ball was going to go, and I played like that for the last few tournaments.

Q. When did you go back to that putter?

ANDRES ROMERO: Last week. I changed my putter, my putt, and I also changed my plan, my idea, the idea I had on my swing. The feeling is quite different from what I had been doing, so I don't know if I'm making it better or worse, but it's working. I feel confident, and that's what matters the most.

Q. You were sticking to your aggressive style. If we look at your score card, it's pretty much what we have gotten used to when you are playing well. 

ANDRES ROMERO: Well, yes. It's the way I used to play. However, I should have closed it a lot better. But you know, it's rare for me not to have any bogeys in a round. I bogeyed No. 6. It was windy, and I made a mistake. The approach wasn't easy, and I ended up missing the putt. Then I three putted on the following hole, but 7 under on the first eight is quite a great start for me.