Puerto Rico Open interview: Cameron Percy

March 07, 2013

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Q. Impressive start. 7 under. Tell me about your thoughts on today's start here in Puerto Rico. 

CAMERON PERCY: Just I hit it on the fairway a lot. I just had perfect yardages on a lot of the pins and I just hit it close all day. So it was a pretty basic 7 under in the end.

Q. We were checking the stats and your putting was quite impressive. Talk to me about that. 

CAMERON PERCY: Yeah. Just my son had my putter last week and I didn't have a putter this week until about 4:00 yesterday afternoon. About 2:00 the Ping guy was on the green and I went over and tried a few putters out. 

I had about 15 minutes, went bang and tried a new putter out, and it felt really nice and I rolled the ball beautifully. So it was, yeah, very unexpected.

Q. I think I was told it was 10 putts on the back nine?

CAMERON PERCY: That would probably be about right. It wasn't many. Yeah, it wouldn't have been too many because I hit a few fringes and stuff. Yeah, not many.

Q. Do you ever remember a day like that?

CAMERON PERCY: Well, they were all pretty short except for on 12. I holed about a 25 footer on 12, just a little left to righter. That was a nice one. The rest of them were all five and six feet sort of thing.

Q. Besides the putting, what else went well today?

CAMERON PERCY: Just drove the ball really nicely. I've been trying to not hit the ball too hard, so I just tried and hit three quarters drivers and just kept the ball in play and I did that today and it was quite nice.

Q. Have you played the Puerto Rico Open before?

CAMERON PERCY: Yes, this is my third time. I really enjoy it. I really like the golf course. It's always nice and warm here. It's been so cold lately I haven't been able to feel my hands for about a month it feels like. So it's nice to get out and play in some warm weather. So I really like it down here.

Q. Currently tied for the lead for the players who have finished so far. So it's a good start, promising for a long week still ahead. 

CAMERON PERCY: Yeah, exactly. 7 under in the first round, nice conditions in the morning, that's what you're trying to do. So just hope we can keep it going.

Q. Thank you.