Honda Classic interview: Luke Guthrie

March 03, 2013

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Q.Luke, obviously not the outcome that you wanted, you always wanting to out there to win, but best finish on the PGA TOUR so far, you have to be proud of yourself?

LUKE GUTHRIE:  Yeah, especially the final two round, 36 holes, it was brutal out there.  I didn't have my best stuff.  Hung in there, fought hard.  A good week.

Q.  You said in your press conference, you said the goal was to keep your card, that you wanted to set the bar a little higher than that.  What have you learned about yourself playing in such high‑pressure conditions this week?

LUKE GUTHRIE:  I know I can win out here.  I already knew that I could do that but now kind of validated and confirmed it.  Now just can't wait for the next tournament in the following weeks, I think my game is in a good spot and I can't wait for Puerto Rico.

Q.  Not the end result you wanted but still a very solid tournament.

LUKE GUTHRIE:  Yeah, solid tournament.  Proud of the way I hung in there on a tough 36.  Obviously didn't have my best stuff.  If I could have made a few putts there, get a little bit of rhythm going ‑‑ but it's tough to have rhythm out there with how windy it was, you had to think through every shot.

Q.  We all know it takes subpoena good breaks to win a golf tournament, and you got a terrible break on the 14th hole, wasn't a good drive but it didn't deserve to be where it was?

LUKE GUTHRIE:  Yeah, I mean, it was a bad shot, but it was at least ten yards within ‑‑ that was a quality 30‑, 40‑yard kick left, but it is what it is.