Northern Trust Open interview: Fredrik Jacobson

February 17, 2013

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Q. Walk us through 18?

FREDRIK JACOBSON: You want me to touch that one, only that one? I cannot speak about a little something else? Yeah, I think I was very pleased with the way I was hitting the ball out there today.

I started off playing good golf and I hit the first 12 greens in a row or something, which is tough on this course, but I felt probably had come out and play really solid golf to give myself a chance today. I felt I had a few good clans that slipped away that was close calls, just a couple short online, and made a few good putts to give myself a chance down the last five holes and had a pretty good look on 17. It was a slippery one there, but that was a good opportunity to maybe get one ahead there.

18, I don't know, it was really close, my second shot ended up close to the hole I guess. Looked pretty good from where we were. Difference between putting from the fringe and all that. But you know, the last putt wasn't very good, but it is what it is.

Q. Knowing the back issues you've dealt with, played well at Pebble, playing now, you snuck in the Match Play; how excited are you to get to Arizona?

FREDRIK JACOBSON: I was just focusing on this week, obviously first I'll have to recharge, take a day off tomorrow and recharge for that when we get there. But as of now, I'm obviously very happy with the way my game has come along over these last few weeks.

I started off in Phoenix, felt a bit rusty coming back, and I think I've taken good strides in the right direction over these last few weeks, and you know, apart from that last putt, the Callaway boys got me this new Odyssey putter that I started with in December, and it's been really hot coming out this year. So it's been a good base for my game.

Q. How much are you looking forward to the Match Play?

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Yeah, I wasn't expecting to be in the field coming into Pebble. It was my second week out, so I'm just excited to be a part of it. I'm looking forward to it. I'll deal with it when I get there.

Q. How much fun was the back nine? Seemed like you made a bunch of long putts, just fun to be in the mix I would imagine?

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Yeah, it was an amazing atmosphere. Obviously John being a local, Long Beach, not too far from here, had great support and people were cheering him on out there. We made some good putts on top of each other on the par 3 there, some good putts to keep us both in it. I think that was really exciting.

Obviously it was a boring way to finish for me, but we had a lot of fun going down the back nine.