Northern Trust Open interview: Fredrik Jacobson

February 15, 2013

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LAURA HILL: Welcome nice round today got you to the top of the leaderboard, maybe just talk about what was working and your position heading into the weekend.

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Well, today was probably one of those days where most of the things were working. I was consistent off the tee and I hit my iron shots well and I putted well. So that's pretty much what you've got to do if you want to shoot a really low number around here.

Weather was pretty ‑‑ it was a beautiful day out there and not too much wind. So the opportunity was there.

Q. Birdie on 9? Or was that a pretty straightforward chip?

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Oh, the birdie on 9? Well, that was a long putt there. No, I would have been really happy to get down in two there. I was just short left of the green and there was a lot of slopes and bumps along the way there to get it there but managed to trickle over the edge, so that was a bonus.

Q. How far off the green were you?

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Probably just five feet.

Q. Not to be too golfy but I was curious about your birdie on 2, as well?

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Yeah, I hit the good tee shot there. Had 5‑iron left. Hit it into like seven feet, good drive and a good iron shot and made the putt.

Q. Back feels good? No problems?

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Yeah, it's been holding up good. I've been very fortunate. I've been able to push myself really hard. Not only playing out here, but practicing really hard every week, so that's good. It's better than I ever could have expected coming out, take one day at a time with it, but as long as I can keep pushing it hard, I'm really happy.

Q. Compared to playing early yesterday, how much more difficult were the greens playing late today?

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Well, I heard some of the guys yesterday said they were getting really bumpy in the afternoon. So I guess when they are dropping in, you don't really think about it, but that's the difference, whether you just miss them or whether they drop in.

I think they held up pretty good. Poa annua is always going to be a little tricky, whether you're in the morning or the afternoon. But considering what it sometimes looks like in the afternoon, I think they did hold up pretty good today.

Q. How much momentum or confidence, whatever you want to call it, do you feel like you brought down from Pebble?

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Yeah, I mean, obviously take a lot out of that, just being in contention again. I've had some good practice sessions before, but to bring it on the course and play under pressure, that's what it's about. And the sooner I can get back and put myself in this position where I can get some pressure, that's the best practice you can get. Certainly it helps, any time you put yourself in the situation, you feel more comfortable when you get back there.

Q. Did you feel any pressure last week?

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Well, I really wanted to finish off strong on the Sunday. I had been playing pretty consistent and I had an opportunity to have a good week.

Any time you're making a move up the leaderboard, you want to finish off strong. And you feel it a little bit down the last few holes; that you want to keep things together. And that's one of those courses, as well, where you have some shots and it really makes a big difference: You're hitting shots into 14, the par 5; you're hitting tee shot on 18, or whatever it might be, shots where it makes a big difference whether you pull it off or not, you're getting tested.

Q. A little higher expectation going into this weekend than the low expectation that you brought to Pebble Beach last week?

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Not really. I haven't really played any rounds with any expectations other than I'm going to go out and do my absolute best. Don't really have any numbers in mind or anything like that. I just go out and try my hardest and try to work as hard as I can.

Q. You get into the Match Play on Monday, and you're slighted to go against Rory or Tiger, and you're slated not to, if you keep going like this; does it matter?

FREDRIK JACOBSON: I haven't even thought about it. I know if you're the last guy, you know, it would be fun to play Rory ‑‑ I don't even know, is it set now or does it change as you go on?

Q. After this week.

FREDRIK JACOBSON: There you go. That's how much I know about it.

Q. That's what we're here for?

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Yeah, all right. (Laughter).

Q. Most impressive birdie for you today or most impressive shot? What were you most pleased with?

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Tough to remember. Probably the one on 9. That putt was pretty spectacular. That was probably the biggest bonus of today.

LAURA HILL: Thanks so much. Good luck this weekend.