AT&T Pebble Beach transcript: Chris Kirk

February 10, 2013

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Q. You gave it everything you had, you shoot 66 and actually lose ground to Brandt. He was pretty strong out there this week?

CHRIS KIRK: Yeah, we've had a lot of tournaments like that on TOUR this year where somebody has really just kind of blitzed the field. I felt like I played well enough to win a golf tournament, and came up a little bit short. But I'm really happy with my day.

Q. I really admired the way you played, I thought your pace between shots was very good and I thought you were really in the moment the entire day.

CHRIS KIRK: Yeah, my focus was great today. Just probably a little bit of a slow start, having to wait a little bit on the first couple holes, but yeah, I just felt comfortable. I felt really great about my golf swing all week, so that's just kind of put me at ease.

Q. 15 greens with 27 putts is always a nice combination.

CHRIS KIRK: Yeah, that's not bad. That's not bad.

Q. Talk about your West Coast Swing. You finish fifth at the Sony and now a second place finish here at the AT&T; one of the better starts you've ever had on TOUR.

CHRIS KIRK: Yeah, absolutely, especially with an equipment change, changing over to Callaway; I love the new stuff and felt really good about my game.

Q. What were you last year?

CHRIS KIRK: Titleist.

Q. Are you a scoreboard looker or not?

CHRIS KIRK: Yeah, I looked some today. I don't really pay that close attention to them, but yeah, coming down the stretch there, I was looking at them just to see what I thought I might node to get to. But I was staying aggressive and trying to make birdies the whole way.

Q. When you look back at 9 and 10, was that the difference for you?

CHRIS KIRK: Yeah, I had a great attitude about it though to be honest with you. Yeah, I was disappointed that I made those bogeys but I hit a really good par putt on 9 and just miss‑read it a tiny bit, and got the speed wrong on 10 and 3‑putted.

Yeah, I kind of looked at the board after that and still, not sure what I was at at that point, 13 maybe. Brandt was at 18. And he had gotten off to such a good start, I kind of thought, it's going to be tough for him to take it much lower than that; if I can just get it back to 18, I'll have a pretty decent chance at a playoff maybe but came up a little bit short, and I was wrong anyways.