AT&T Pebble Beach interview: Ted Potter Jr.

February 08, 2013

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JOHN BUSH: Ted Potter joins us here after a 67 at Monterey Peninsula today.

You kept it rolling today, nice play. If we can just get some comments on your round.

TED POTTER JR.: Yeah, it was a good day today. Started out really well with a 3 on the first hole on No. 10, so got off to a hot start. Felt good all day. Just glad the weather cleared up. Gave a couple back coming in on the back nine, but got going it going again on the front and had four birdies I think. A little disappointing finish on the last there with a 3‑putt, but all in all, a good day.

JOHN BUSH: Take us through the eagle on No. 10, your first hole of the day.

TED POTTER JR.: Hid a good drive down the left, had like 248 hole. Hit 3‑wood up there on the front edge of the green and made, might have been a 50‑foot putt.

JOHN BUSH: A Top‑25 finish for you last week; just comment about the state of your game coming in.

TED POTTER JR.: Yeah, last week was a good week for me, finishing Top‑25 and got some good work done last week. Certainly hit the ball really well coming in this week, so I have a lot of confidence coming here this week. I feel good about my game right now and see how the next couple days goes.

Q. You broke through last year at Greenbrier, and did that make you a different golfer? In other words, psychologically, hey, I can win out here and now I know what I'm doing, as opposed to you were struggling a little bit before?

TED POTTER JR.: Yeah, definitely. Winning last year definitely helped my confidence coming out here this year on the TOUR. I had good experience on mini‑tours and played well on mini‑tours and Tour. So going into last year, I felt good about playing last year but I just never could get comfortable I don't think. And the Greenbrier, winning there helped me build some confidence.

Q. I think you had missed like four or five cuts in a row and then bang, you win; the cuts, are they sort of the aberration that, hey, I'm playing well and I'm not making cuts, or what happened there?

TED POTTER JR.: I think it's just golf. It's just a funny game like that. Some weeks you play really well and you get the right kicks and everything goes well. And then there's weeks you can still hit the ball well and get the bad kicks. It just came around that week.

Q. How different was the course playing today with the rains having come last night?

TED POTTER JR.: It was a little softer out there today. I had a few mud balls for my first nine today. Cost me a couple bogeys really. I felt like I was hitting some good shots and getting a little squirrelly (ph) out there, but back nine, dried up a little bit but still a little moist out there right now.

Q. Do you recall where you were halfway through Greenbrier last year when you won?

TED POTTER JR.: T‑11? Not really sure. I played really well on the weekend, I think I shot like 65‑65 on the last two days. I had a good run coming down the end, I was 4‑under on my last four to get in the playoff, so very fortunate there.

Q. You say last year you didn't feel as comfortable; was it the new courses or new surroundings and why do you feel more comfortable this year?

TED POTTER JR.: A lot to do with courses because I never played a lot of the courses out here. And the surroundings, too. I mean, I'm not used to being in front of a camera too often on mini‑tours, so definitely different that way, but trying to get used to that.

JOHN BUSH: Recently engaged, too?

TED POTTER JR.: Yeah, in Hawai'i, made sure we got engaged. Definitely life's good.

Q. What are your thoughts at Spyglass tomorrow, generally considered the toughest course.

TED POTTER JR.: Hoping it dries out because I'm not a long hitter and it's a pretty tough course. It's a little longer than the other two and in general, I guess the scores are usually higher there.

So I've definitely got my work cut out for tomorrow and hopefully stay on top where I have a chance to go into Sunday at Pebble.

JOHN BUSH: Let's go through your four birdies, first on No. 2.

TED POTTER JR.: No. 2, 3‑wood down the center had probably like 145 I'm guessing in and hit 9‑iron up there just right of the hole about ten, 15 feet and made that.

3, it was playing about 145, because I had I think the same iron I had into 2. So I hit 9‑iron both holes in a row, and I hit a really good shot up in there ten feet and made that putt for birdie there.

6, I hit a poor tee shot left in the bunker, but hit a hybrid out of the bunker and up there about 110 yards and hit a good shot in there with a wedge about eight feet and hit a putt there.

7, I hit three hybrid from 215,220, to four or five feet behind the hole and made that to make birdie there.

JOHN BUSH: We appreciate your time. Keep it going this weekend.