AT&T Pebble Beach interview: Fredrik Jacobson

February 08, 2013

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JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Fredrik, thanks for joining us after a second round of 66 played at Pebble Beach. You mentioned you had a few layers on today, but certainly did not affect your play. Maybe a few opening comments about your day.

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Yeah, I think we were very fortunate with the weather again. The first couple of days we were expecting to get a bit of rain and it was just raining for a little bit. Actually got pretty nice out there.

So yeah, made the most out of this day for sure. It's a tough course and tricky greens. Putted really well. That was great.

JOEL SCHUCHMANN: If we can go through a stretch on your front nine, you started on No. 10 but you birdied five of the last six holes, the only par you made was the par 5, No. 14. Make a few comments about that?

FREDRIK JACOBSON: 13, yeah, I hit a 9‑iron in there to like ten feet and made a putt.

On 15, just had like a gap wedge in there. Probably hit it to six, seven feet.

16, hit it down, had a gap wedge again and hit it to seven feet again.

17, hit it a 7‑iron to like a foot, foot and a half.

18, hit 9‑iron to eight, nine feet. Yeah, good one there.

Q. Second start for you this year after the layoff you had.

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Yeah, I was off for quite a while. I had a back issue last year and it got really bad at the end of the year. It kept me out for a while and was really rough the last week. Started to feel a little bit better but there's still some swings where I'm surprised myself.

But it's getting better and better. I feel I'm getting some good training in. But it was certainly long ‑‑ I was off for a long time. I didn't play a lot of tournaments in the last five, six months.

Nice to be back on TOUR again and to get some rounds under the belt and feel like I'm getting into a rhythm.

Q. Was it surgery or just rehab or any special treatment? Backs can be really miserable.

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Just rehab training and treatments and working on mobility, trying to get it better and ice, all kind of things.

But it's better at the moment, so that's good. That's the main thing.

Q. How long did you go without hitting a club? Were there any really long stretches, and how hard was that?

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Yeah, before the Shark Shootout, I did not play golf from ‑‑ well, I went out and played in Las Vegas for a couple of days but that's when it got bad again. I probably had like six weeks, seven weeks off and then I played for a couple of days and one tournament, and then it got worse and I didn't play for six, seven weeks again or something and played for a week. Then we go to Sweden and couldn't play there, it was snow, so got some time off there.

To be honest, I haven't had a chance to play a lot of rounds. I might have played like six rounds in the last five months or something. It has not been a lot. I've been trying to work on things, I worked on my putting like in the house, and I did that in Sweden indoors. I haven't been able to hit a lot of balls, no.

Q. Are you concerned about playing in this tournament where it's usually never really warm, a little bit cold sometimes?

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Yeah, have to be careful and wear enough clothes and warm up properly. I think with muscles, you can pull something, but the things that I had with the spine, I don't think the temperature makes a big difference. But for the muscles, certainly you've got to warm it up and all that stuff.

Q. You said when you sat down, the weather was pretty good. Is that compared to Sweden? Everybody around here is complaining it's cold.

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Yeah, yeah, but I looked at the forecast; it was compared to the forecast. We have been beating the forecast, so I take that as a good sign.

Q. What exactly is the back problem?

FREDRIK JACOBSON: You know, I think it's just like a lot of golfers, bulging discs, and I have some muscle stuff earlier last year that kept me out with the upper back. But the lower back was bulging discs.

Everybody has it after you're playing for 20 years or on TOUR. But it's just a matter of whether they affect you or not. I think you get irritated, it tends to come back; if you can stay fresh and healthy and strong for a while, you can keep it away. Yeah, I don't think it's anything major at this stage. It was just aggravating for a while.

Q. Was it hard to play with ‑‑

FREDRIK JACOBSON: No, that's a long time ago. I don't think that had anything to do with it.

Q. Given the fact that you went a long stretch with not playing and the injury, how surprised are you by this round, or are you not surprised?

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Yeah, I mean, well, I guess when you have not played for a while, you play with not really any expectations apart from just really looking forward to get going again and to try to get as many rounds under my belt as possible and as much practice as I can. That's really been my only focus this week, so that's my practice sessions and looking forward to keep doing that. If I can play some good golf along the way, that's great.