AT&T Pebble Beach interview: Russell Knox

February 07, 2013

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Q.  What's your status this year?
Automatic conditional status.  I finished 143 on the Money List last year and it was good enough to get me in this week and hopefully I can take advantage of it.

Q.  Because the reshuffle is coming up  
  I don't think my category reshuffles.  I don't think it does.  I mean, just try to play good when I get the chance.

Q.  Talk about today.
Putted very well.  That was the first thing, holed a couple nice medium to long putts which helped.  Playing a new Cleveland driver this week.  After Phil went on about trying a new driver last week, I thought I'd give it    it worked.  Drove it very well and from the fairway on this course, you can have some shorter clubs in.  Hit nice iron shots.  Putted great.
    So it was a good round, eight birdies.  The birdie on the second, I had just bogeyed No. 1 it was nice to get birdie there.  Forgot about my mistake and a couple holes later, I picked one up so that was nice.

Q.  Did you make another bogey?
Yeah, I bogeyed the par 3 on the back, 14.  I 3 putted.

Q.  Were there any other highlights of those birdies?
No.  Hit a good 5 iron in to the long par 4 on the back, 15 uphill there.  Hit a good driver and 5 iron to a couple feet that.  Was probably my best round of the day.
    16, I had like 204 to the pin.  So that was one of those holes you just kind of want to make a par, so to knock it up to three or four feet was a bonus.

Q.  How many events do you get into this year?
Sony, Top 10'ed from my last event at Disney.  So that's the only one I've played so far.  I missed the cut by one shot there.  I tried to Monday qualify for Torrey Pines and Phoenix.  Played nicely both times but didn't make it.
    So I came in here with a lot of confidence, because I feel like I've been playing very well.  Just haven't had the chance to play.  It was nice to get off to a good start.

Q.  How do you keep your spirits up when you're not playing and you want to be playing?
Well, it's going to be a mammoth year, so it's kind of nice to take a break to be honest.  But I have been itching to go because I feel like my game has improved a lot.  I finished last year so well, and so I'm just trying to keep the confident high and just waiting for my chance to play good.

Q.  Will you play in South America?
  I'm go to Panama and Colombia and I should get in in Puerto Rico.

Q.  So you're tied for the lead now, but you're not coming back to this course.  How do you play that strategy?
Yeah, I think it's great.  I mean, played great here.  I can just forget about it and it's over and I don't have to do all the pressure of playing well for back to back days because it's a totally different course.  So I can go to Spyglass tomorrow and it's a new challenge and tee it up and get after it again.

Q.  Have you been on the road pretty much all year?
Yeah, I've been gone, this will be my fifth week.  I left January 2, so I've been gone five weeks.  I'm going home on Sunday unless something good happens.

Q.  You're based in Jacksonville?

Q.  What are you doing between tournaments?
I have a family in San Diego, down in Santa Fe and they are nice enough to let me stay in the guest house and take good care of me.  So I've been with them.

Q.  How did you meet them?
I met the wife at a Vision 54 clinic with Pia  Nilsson in Scottsdale.  I work with them on my game and I bumped into her and she was nice enough to ask me to her house one time and I said, sweet.