AT&T Pebble Beach interview: Phil Mickelson

February 07, 2013

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Q.    Seems to me you could have scored a little bit better, how would you assess the 18 holes today?
I played well today, like statistically, I had a good day but on the greens, I had a tough time getting the ball in the hole.  We all do.  It's a difficult situation.
    But I played okay today, and I was 3 under for a while, so it's disappointing to give a couple shots back coming down the stretch.  I'll have to go out tomorrow at Spy and see if I can get a hot hand.
    One of the things I've learned over the years here is you need to be patient.  There's plenty of birdie holes throughout the three courses throughout the first three days.  Hopefully I'll get a good run tomorrow and try to shoot myself up into contention.

Q.  What is the easiest or hardest thing about going from shooting such a record tournament score last week and your first round the week after?
You know, I played comparable to how I played last week but the differences on the greens, it's a lot more challenging to make a lot of putts up here than it is in Phoenix.

Q.  This golf course or  
I think just in general up here, it's just a little bit more challenging.

Q.  What is the key for tomorrow, as far as momentum, birdies, aggressiveness?
Spyglass I've played well in the past and there's a lot of birdie holes you can take advantage of, specifically the par 5s and some of the shorter par 4s.  But you need to be patient because if you try to force it, there's some big numbers.  If I play just a good, solid 18 holes, I should be hopefully be able to shoot something in the mid 60s.

Q.  You know it could be slow here, do you just go in with that frame of mind?
Yeah, you just have to figure out everybody has got to play it and deal with it.  Unfortunately being the last group, one of the last groups today, my tee times are earlier the next two days, so it will get progressively better.

Q.  What is your status in the WGC Accenture Match Play?
The week of the WGC Accenture Match Play is the week of my kids' spring break and unfortunately that week comes at same as the Match Play this year.
    I am by no means making a statement about the tournament.  I love the tournament.  It's one of my favorite of the year.  I love being in Tucson.  It's where I won my first PGA TOUR event but my kids are out of school that week and we are taking a family trip.