Waste Management Phoenix interview: Brandt Snedeker

February 03, 2013

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JOHN BUSH:  Brandt Snedeker joins us here in the interview room.  I know you came up a little bit short this week, but I know you play for days like this.  Just comment on what it was like out there.

BRANDT SNEDEKER:  It was a ton of fun.  To be in the last group with Phil and kind of trade birdie for birdie and make up some ground was a lot of fun.  It's what we play for.
Phil and I had great time out there today.  I wish I could have put some more pressure on him and got a little closer than I did today, but I think I shot 12 under par on the weekend and made one bogey.
    Sometimes you have to tip your hat and say Phil played unbelievable and deserved to win, and that's kind of what this week was all about.

Q.  Was this finish a little bit deja vu after last week's finish?

Yeah, you know, I feel like I'm running the Hall of Famers every week.  It would be nice if they weren't in the field and I could go ahead and go after it.  It's just tough, you know.  You play great, played great last week.
    I had one bad round last week.  This week I didn't have a bad round.  I played great all four days.  Phil just played unbelievable, played like Phil.
    It was fun to watch, fun to be part of.  You want to win those, and hopefully I will soon.

Q.  You said you knew you were going to be the visitor in this pairing, but it seemed on the first hole you hit it to 13 feet and there's silence.  Can you just talk about what that's like?

You've got to enjoy it.  I had fun with it.  They weren't necessarily rooting against me; they were just rooting for Phil.  You have to enjoy that mentality of trying to make the crowd go a little quiet or trying to    you know, it's tough winning on top of Phil or whatever it was.  You've got to really enjoy that opportunity.  I felt I did a great job of that today.
    I felt that Phil made some great shots, and I was able to answer them at certain points and just couldn't keep putting the pressure on him like I needed to.

Q.  Was there a point today where you felt like you were getting to him at all?

You know, I thought when I birdied 9 and got to 10, I had a great putt on 10 I thought was going to go in.  I thought if I had made that putt, you know, I think I would have gotten within two or three at that time, I thought it's a fair ball game.  Because a lot can happen with the next few holes.
    Just couldn't seem to get that putt to get within two or one or whatever it was to make him really think about it.  He was playing great, so I knew I needed to make birdies.  I just didn't do it early in the back 9.

Q.  Do you feel you get recognition as one of the game's elite players?

You have to win Majors and win tournaments to be recognized as an elite player.  And I haven't done nearly enough of that, you know.  I'm playing great right now.  I'm as high as I have ever been in the world ranking and all that kind of stuff, but you have to win tournaments to validate that.  I haven't done it.
    I think when you win Majors and win multiple times in years, you validate whatever people say about you.

Q.  The putt that Phil made on 7, what were you thinking on that one?

Are you kidding me?  (Laughter.)
    I fully expected Phil to hit a flop shot from there.  He didn't have much of a putt, and he putted through it.
    I hit a great shot in there close and I thought, hey, I can get one on him here and put some pressure on him.  He makes that, and he let me hear about it before I putt, and he let me know that I needed to make that to tie.  (Laughter.)
    We had fun with it.  That's Phil being Phil.  The bunker shot on 15 was a joke how great that was.  He just hits shots after shots that are phenomenal when he needs to.