Waste Management Phoenix interview: Scott Piercy

February 03, 2013

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Q.  I like the smile.  Before I say anything, good playing.  I heard a little struggle earlier in the week, a couple balls out of bounds and an unplayable, really?
Yeah, Thursday I had two out of bounds off the cart path and an unplayable out of the cactus, so I was able to shoot 1 under par for the day.  I felt like that was a victory, and I kind of worked into the week and got better every day.

Q.  10 under par today.  Tell me about that.  That was a big fist pump on the last one.  That's cool.
Yeah, you know, when you  shoot 10 under par, you're doing a lot of good things.  These greens this week were amazing.  If you got it online, rolling, you made it.  There were probably three or four today that I walked in from about five feet short of the hole.
    I rolled the ball great this week.  Stan Utley came and helped me this week, along with Jim Hardy on my golf swing.  Got a putter from Scotty Cameron that I really like I actually won with in Canada that I brought back out this week.
    You know, it's fun to shoot low numbers.

Q.  You have been playing great pretty much all year long right now.  Just putting, really, wasn't it?  Isn't that what kind of slowed you down to start the year?
Yeah, in Kapalua, the putting wasn't where I needed it to be.  And I have been striking it pretty well pretty much the whole year.  The putter lit up a little bit this week, and I continued to strike it well.
    Usually when those two things come together there are fireworks.

Q.  Keep playing good.

Q.  You have been playing pretty well to start this year, three top 15 finishes now.  What's this say about your confidence moving forward the rest of the season?
I'm my worst critic, and I'm pushing myself to be better.  I think the consistency of the last year, year and a half has given me some confidence to try to make my goals even bigger.

Q.  Can you share some of those goals?
I think for me I just want to win more than once.  The last two years I have won one time, and I feel like I have had chances to win multiple times.
I think, you know, a win definitely, but a couple wins, it's all good.