Farmers Insurance Open interviews: Nick Watney

January 28, 2013

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Q.  Talk about your day.

NICK WATNEY:  It was a bit disappointing, but not a bad start, and I'm looking forward to next week.

Q.  Overall, give us the state of your game?

NICK WATNEY:  It's pretty good.  You know, today was a bit rocky.  I don't know if it was the wind or whatever it was.  I think it's pretty good.  I'm close to doing some good things, and I just want to get a little closer next time.

Q.  (Indiscernible)?

NICK WATNEY:  Yeah, as a competitor, I wanted to give it to him.  It was definitely a long shot, but I would have liked to get a little closer.  But it was a tough day.  I'm glad to be done, for sure.

Q.  I was talking to Brandt about that.  What's more difficult?  Kind of getting into a rhythm mentally or dealing with different course conditions?  It seems like we've seen a different look on this course almost every day this week.

NICK WATNEY:  Yeah, I think mentally just usually Monday is kind of a dead day.  But Saturday we were kind of in limbo, didn't know if we were going to go or not.  But it's been a different event, for sure.  But everybody had to deal with it.

Q.  You got a pretty big cheer.  You're a California guy.  In the past you've done well here.  Good vibes from start to finish being in San Diego?

NICK WATNEY:  Definitely, yeah.  I love it here.  This is one of my favorite spots that we play.  It's always nice to come out to somewhere that you've won.

Q.  You did one round in two days, different weather conditions.  How disjointed is that?

NICK WATNEY:  Well, maybe a little bit.  But I can't complain too much because everybody here was doing it.  Some guys handled it pretty well.  So it was definitely a little different from just a ten‑hole day today and traveling and getting ready for next week as well.  So it's a little different, but nothing too strenuous.

Q.  You said some people handled it well.  Who handled it well?

NICK WATNEY:  Well, obviously, Tiger's handling it well.  I think I saw a couple of guys shot 4‑ or 5‑under par, so that's a good score around this place.

Q.  You talk about the conditions and Tiger handling it well.  I know you didn't get to play with him, but by the score he's shooting and what you saw today, how well is he playing?

NICK WATNEY:  Well, I don't if anybody would have beaten him this week.  He's definitely on his game.  When he gets like that, you've got to play your best to compete, and unfortunately, I didn't today.  But I'd love to have a shot at him sometime.

Q.  It seems like he might be back to where he was five years ago now with his swing and all that stuff.  How much tougher does that make your job?

NICK WATNEY:  Oh, it's good.  It will be that much better when you beat him.

Q.  Are you surprised at the size of the crowds out here on Monday?

NICK WATNEY:  I was.  Yeah.  Because last Monday was a holiday, right?  This Monday's not.  But, hey, it's great for the tournament, I guess.

Q.  They gave people free admission to come to the tournament.  What do you think about that idea for Monday?  Giving people free admission?

NICK WATNEY:  I think it's great.  Obviously, it's reflective in the crowds, and it's always good to see.  Tiger is one of the great athletes of all time, so it's good to see, for sure.

Q.  NFL players, NBA guys always say they get a ramp off the crowd.  Can that be the same for a golfer?  You get a big gallery?  Does that help your game at all?

NICK WATNEY:  Yeah, sure.  It's always good to have some support, and better than getting heckled out here.  Yeah, it's definitely fun to play near home where people know you a little bit.