Farmers Insurance Open interview: Mark Russell

January 26, 2013

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DOUG MILNE:  Mark Russell, thanks for joining us for a few minutes.  It's not often we enjoy seeing you in the media center.

MARK RUSSELL:  You see me, nothing good is coming from it.

Q.  We appreciate you stopping by for a few minutes.  If you can bring us up to speed on the day and what we're looking at as we head into tomorrow here at the Farmers Insurance Open?

MARK RUSSELL:  We, basically, lost the whole day to day.  So we'll be back here in position at 7:00 in the morning, and we're going to play golf all day until dark, and then when it gets dark, we'll suspend play, and we'll come back Monday morning and finish the championship if the weather cooperates.  That is the plan.
We're not going to make a cut.  We usually with over 78 players we make a cut after the third round, but we're not going to make a cut.  We're not going to repair.  We're just going to send them all.  If we took time to make that cut, it would take too much time.  We'd lose too much time.  So we just want to continually play golf all we can tomorrow.

Q.  If weather fully cooperates, what time would you see finishing Monday?

MARK RUSSELL:  We have to put‑‑ I figure, ballpark we're going to have anywhere from 12 to 9 holes Monday.  Something like that.

Q.  Is there an option where you could have cut the field to like 60?

MARK RUSSELL:  We just didn't have time to do that.  Normally we play a 36‑hole round Sunday, but the daylight doesn't permit to do that.

Q.  Are you concerned at all about maybe this fog coming back in a couple of days?  Did they give you a read on whether you'd see any more?  And are you also concerned at all about any weather reports of rain in the next couple days as well?

MARK RUSSELL:  Well, if we say we're not going to play because we might have fog in the morning, and we didn't have fog, we'd have tremendous problems.  So we're going to schedule it, and, hopefully, we won't have fog and we can play golf.  That's all we can do.
If Mother Nature doesn't cooperate, we don't have very much control over that.  We're going to be out here, ready to play, and see what happens.

Q.  As the day went on, how many times did you think you might get back out there?

MARK RUSSELL:  Well, when the sun came out, everything cleared up, I thought it was over with and done.  We knew we needed to play about 2:00 o'clock to finish tomorrow, and when that didn't happen, we were locked into this situation.

But when it got nice there for about 20 minutes, 30 minutes, I thought that we'd be able to play golf, but we weren't.

DOUG MILNE:  Mark, what time would we be looking for a restart on Monday?

MARK RUSSELL:  We're going to have to check with our broadcast partners on that and see what time they want to do that, but it would be early morning.  I can't give you an exact time, but it wouldn't be late in the day.  It would be early.

Q.  I just want to know the likelihood if we play tomorrow and we get the third round basically in but it's foggy on Monday at all, is there a drop‑dead point for this going 54?

MARK RUSSELL:  We will play 72 holes.

Q.  No matter what?


Q.  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday?

MARK RUSSELL:  Well, if we get half the field in in the final round, the round must stand.

Q.  Is it any more frustrating dealing with fog than rain?  Because it seems a little‑‑

MARK RUSSELL:  I think fog is the worst.  Fog's the worst.  You know, in this situation, the whole golf course is fogged in, but I've been here before when five holes were fogged in and the others weren't.

It's just difficult to deal with, especially when you know the weather is nice.  It's not raining.  There is no dangerous situation.  You just can't see.

DOUG MILNE:  Mark, we appreciate your time.  We know you're busy, so thanks for stopping by.