Humana Challenge interview: David Lingmerth

January 20, 2013

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DOUG MILNE:  We'll jump right in.  David, thanks for joining us.  Almost got the job done.  A great final round.  10‑under 62.  Good enough obviously to get you into playoff.  You got to feel great overall about the week.  You didn't come away with the win, but you certainly were next best to it.
So I would imagine a lot of good feelings coming away from the week here at the Humana Challenge.

DAVID LINGMERTH:  Yeah, if you told me before the tournament that I would get tied for second, I would be pretty happy.  It's a great start of the year and a good start getting me off to a good start in the FedExCup race now, too.  So hopefully I can get into some more tournaments also down the stret
So, yeah, it was a good week.

DOUG MILNE:  I know that we have questions, so with that I'll turn it over to these guys.

Q.  At the beginning of the week you would have taken second.  At the beginning of the day, did you even dream about second place?
DAVID LINGMERTH:  Actually second, yes, because I was only two shots out of second starting off.  I was, I don't know how many was I out of first?  Quite a few.

Q.  Seven?
DAVID LINGMERTH:  Yeah, seven.  So I thought that first was going to be pretty much unattainable.  But second, I felt like I could pull it off if I had a good round.

Q.  Someone has to ask this, what happened on the second shot in 18 today.
DAVID LINGMERTH:  Yeah, oh, you mean in the playoff?  Yeah.  Obviously, I hit a good drive down there and had a good distance, it was just a good 4‑iron.  Got it a little bad break on the lie.  It was quite a bit above my feet, so I knew it was probably going to want to go left.  And I naturally like to hit a little fade, so off of that lie, it just felt awkward for me.  And I didn't get comfortable and obviously put a bad swing on it.

Q.  How does a guy from Sweden end up in Arkansas?
DAVID LINGMERTH:  I get that question a lot.  I didn't get recruited out of high school, so I went to a Division II school for a semester, actually, and built a little better resume, University of West Florida was that, actually.
And I had a good semester there and got recruited when I wanted to transfer and just loved Arkansas's facilities and the coaching staff and everything.  So I enjoyed my years there.

Q.  Do you go "Oh, whew, Pig Sooie?
DAVID LINGMERTH:  I would.  "Whew, pig."

DOUG MILNE:  Well, Dave, we appreciate your time and a great week.  We know you'll get there and we do appreciate it.
And we have Charles Howell coming in.  So keep it up and best of luck to you.

DAVID LINGMERTH:  All right.  Thank you.