What they said: Charles Howell III

January 13, 2013

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Q.  In contention to win the Sony Open.
CHARLES HOWELL III:  Well, yeah, I hung in there well today.  I didn't play my best today but was able to grind it out a little bit and short game saved me on a few holes, and a chance with a good one tomorrow.  We'll see what happens.  Those young kids are running away with it, but I'll just do my best tomorrow to have a nice week.

Q.  You're saying your short game saved you.  You had 26 putts in the third round.  Is that a reflection of good chipping or the good putting that you were talking about with the quality of short game?
CHARLES HOWELL III:  A little bit of both.  I made some nice putts today.  I don't want to have to put the pressure on my putter tomorrow if I can help it.  But yeah, I hung in there well.  This golf course has some trickiness to it, some tricky holes.  You're not going to drive the ball in every fairway for sure, but sure would like to have a nice one tomorrow.

Q.  Look at all that leaderboard and all the rookies up there.  That's just phenomenal.
CHARLES HOWELL III:  Yeah, we're obviously breeding good young players.  These guys are obviously playing fantastic golf, and I certainly don't see 17‑under out there, but obviously they're shooting it.  It's a heck of golf those kids are playing.

Q.  How much is the shorter rough affecting scores?
CHARLES HOWELL III:  You know, I really don't find it shorter to be honest with you, so I don't know.

Q.  Do you think it might be helping the young guys at all as far as with their lack of experience to maybe just not worry about it too much?
CHARLES HOWELL III:  You know, they're good players.  I wish golf was that simple to think of it that way.  Obviously they're just good players and they're doing good things out there.