What they said: Tim Clark

January 11, 2013

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Q.  How nice to be bogey free for 2013.

  Hopefully we can keep that going.  Yeah, it's nice.  Again, I've always enjoyed playing this golf course.  It really suits my eye, and you know, if you're playing good, you can manage to do that.  But it's certainly not easy.

Q.  How much patience was required in this round for you to go out and par the first eight holes?

  Yeah, it was‑‑ you know, there's just not that many real birdie chances.  I mean, you've got to hit in the fairway, and it was fine.  I knew I'd get some chances coming in with some par‑5s.  But any time you're making pars out there, you're not losing too much ground.

Q.  Tell me about the eagle at the 9th.

Yeah, I hit probably one of my worst tee shots of the day in the left rough and got a good lie, so I got a good break there and hit a 5‑wood up there to about three, four feet, so it was a good way to get the round going.

Q.  We talked about your injury status and last year kind of a trial situation.  Are you 100 percent confident in all the body parts now?

  Yes, I think so.  Obviously I've still got to take care of myself and look after it, but at least coming out to the golf course, I feel like I'm pretty much 100 percent.

Q.  You're going to get to sleep in on Saturday, maybe get in some beach time.

Yeah, I'll be going to the beach right now.

Q.  Just talk a little bit about your comfort zone on this golf course.

Yeah, it's strange.  I think when I come here it reminds me a lot of Durban, South Africa, near where I grew up.  The weather is the same, the grasses are the same, and it's not an overly long golf course, and it plays firm.  Yeah, if you're driving it good, for a guy like me, I'm going to get some run out there and have shorter irons in.  It really is just a course that suits me.

Q.  How much playing have you been doing?  You were in South Africa‑‑ you were down in South Africa, right?

Yeah.  I played one tournament down there, the Nelson Mandela, which was obviously rained out.  We got two rounds.  But for the most part when I take time off, I take time off.  It's been pretty cold in Scottsdale the last couple weeks, so I haven't really been able to do a whole lot of practice there.  But on Sunday I went over to Kauai to a property, Kukui'ula, which is a property owned by the people at Silverleaf, where I play in Scottsdale.  So I got to play and practice a little bit out there just before coming here.

Q.  Are you surprised, not surprised, considering how little playing you've been doing?

  No, it's normally my thing.  I don't do too much and go out and play good when I don't expect to do much and I sort of stay to my game own.  I think it's just the way I've been for the last eight or so years where I do better when I don't practice that much.