What they said: Scott Langley

January 11, 2013

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Q.  You shot 8‑under par yesterday, birdie the last three today to get it to 4‑under and you don't have the lead.  It's tough to back up a good round with another one, but today was still pretty solid, was it not?

SCOTT LANGLEY:  Yeah.  Like you said, it's never easy to back up a really good round, so I kind of got off to a little slower start, but it was certainly nice to finish the way I did and kind of get back in it with Russ.  He played so well, and he's played so well the last two days, and just trying to keep pace as much as I can.  To finish that way was really good.  I kept telling myself all day to stay patient because I knew I was playing good golf and the knew the putter was rolling well, I just wasn't really making anything until pretty much the last three holes.

Q.  Pretty decent chance of you possibly playing together tomorrow.  That's got to be a pretty comfortable pairing.  You told the story about playing the Hooters Tour together last year, and he didn't make the cut, and now he's leading the golf tournament, and you could be playing the third round here at Sony.

SCOTT LANGLEY:  Yeah, we kind of swapped places a little bit.  If we play together, it would be awesome.  I love playing with Russ.  We're kind of the same person on the golf course, pretty easy going, and we kind of feel our way around the place and not too technical ever.  We certainly enjoy playing with each other, and he's one of my best buddies, so it's easy to have fun with him.
We're blazing saddles out there, there's no waiting around for us.  We like to go fast and just get it done.  Yeah, it's been fun.

Q.  Can you just talk about that round a little bit, please?

SCOTT LANGLEY:  Yeah, just kind of like we were saying, it was kind of a slower start.  I did birdie the first hole but then bogeyed the next.  Didn't really have a great feel for my game until I made a nice birdie at 18 and made the turn at 2‑under.  Kind of was still a little sluggish and had a sloppy bogey on I think it was No.5, and that kind of ticked me off a little bit, so I kind of kicked myself in the butt and went and birdied the last three.  So that was nice to finish that way and get myself back in the mix.

Q.  Ever shoot 66 and get lapped before?

SCOTT LANGLEY:  No, no.  This feels like a Monday qualifier.  But no, certainly not.  Rex played great, and I totally expect it.  He's a great player, and we're going to have some fun this weekend battling it out.

Q.  You call him Rex?


Q.  What's that from?

SCOTT LANGLEY:  We have nicknames for each other.  That's his name from school and from amateur golf, and he calls me Scotty Lang, so we get it around pretty good.

Q.  That's not too original.

SCOTT LANGLEY:  No, Rex is better.  We've got to come up with something else for me.

Q.  I talked to Coach Small earlier today, and I was asking him why so many young players seem like you're ready to not only compete but contend out here on TOUR at such an early age.  What are your thoughts on that?

SCOTT LANGLEY:  I think the amateur and junior tournaments are getting really good, and so when we get out here, even the AJGA and any amateur events, they're run like Tour events.  They have a cut after 36 holes, going off two tees, early and late, and everybody‑‑ guys are really good at every level, junior golf, amateur golf and mini‑Tours everywhere.  But I think the instruction is really good.  That definitely helps.  Guys are getting better technique younger.  But then also I think as far as me and my peers, I think we just‑‑ we've helped each other a lot, just push each other to be better.  Our little group of guys has played together for 10 years probably.  We just always kind of have tried to make each other better.  If I see Russell playing really good, I want to play really good.  I want to beat him.  And same with if Luke Guthrie is playing great, I want to go out there and play well.  We push each other, and I think we kind of feed off each other.