What they said: Matt Kuchar

January 11, 2013

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Q.  You have an easy demeanor about you on and off the golf course, and Roger described your 63 as kind of easy looking.  Was it as easy as it looked?

MATT KUCHAR:  Kind of easy.  This course is difficult.  Fortunately conditions were good.  Coming from last week, it feels really easy out there.  This course, as simple as it seems, it's one of the tougher courses on TOUR.  If you're not playing well, you're going to make some bogeys.  Fortunate to be playing some good golf and fun to make some birdies out there today.

Q.  Is it going to be foot on the pedal this weekend?

MATT KUCHAR:  Yeah, I understand the wind is supposed to really die down over the weekend, so I certainly expect low scoring.  The course is in great shape, greens are beautiful, so there's going to be a lot more birdies and foot has definitely got to be down on the pedal.

Q.  If you shoot 63 with a yellow belt, what does it mean you're going to wear on Saturday?

MATT KUCHAR:  I might have to rock it Saturday and Sunday.  Thanks to uncle Bob from Fleming's in Atlanta.  He's got all the belts.  It's a fun shop.  It's kind of like a barber shop in Atlanta for us, and Bob Childs is the man over at Fleming's.

Q.  24 putts in that second round, including the eagle on the 18th green.

MATT KUCHAR:  Yeah, fun way to finish.  I was feeling good today.  Been hitting the ball solid.  Last week I felt like my game was getting sharper and sharper as the week progressed.  I started out kind of funny, each day making some bogeys early but brought it back with some low scores as the day went on last week, and this week playing, again, some solid golf and putting well.  These greens are just beautiful greens.  It's been a joy to come over here, have some little lighter breezes, and it's a fun golf course to play.

Q.  I thought the greens stayed receptive for most of the round, as well.

MATT KUCHAR:  Yeah, generally in the afternoon sometimes they bake out a little bit.  But these greens really are in beautiful shape, saw some shots out of the rough even hold on the greens.  They're receptive and just really true.

Q.  You were eighth on TOUR last year getting up‑and‑down.  Do you know what you are in bunker saves this week?

MATT KUCHAR:  I think 100 percent.

Q.  That's right, 4 for 4, congratulations.  Is that technique, practice, or the combination of the two coming together?

MATT KUCHAR:  Both.  I'm certainly proud of what I do around the greens.  Out here on TOUR I think that's a big separator of guys who really do well and guys who struggle around that 125 number is short game.  All these guys can hit it, but it's the scoring clubs that are so important.  So getting up‑and‑down, and then bunker game is really important.