What they said: Rickie Fowler

January 08, 2013

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Q.  Nice way to open the season, tell me about the course, the conditions?

RICKIE FOWLER:  Yeah, I got my third start, but only got one round in; one counts.  Got to play in some wind the last couple days; that helped prepare us for today.

So it was nice to finally get a round in.  Hit some good shots, a few rough ones, but crazy things can happen when it's going like this.  Nice to get one in.  Looking forward to getting back out this afternoon.

It's nice to make some pars in the wind, especially the first few holes.  There was a couple back up into the wind and they are not very long, but you have to mid‑iron in on a hole that's not even 400 yards.  Played fairly patient and finally got some birdies going.

Q.  Nice way to finish on the back nine.

RICKIE FOWLER:  Yeah, made a couple birdies coming in.  Unfortunately 3‑putted on the last.  I only had 8‑iron into 18, the par 5, expecting to at least make 4, but see what we can get going this afternoon.

Q.  Strange, because that putt you had for eagle was downwind, downhill and downgrain.  Not as fast as what you were expecting?

RICKIE FOWLER:  Yeah, probably the second‑slowest putt I've had today.  I was expecting it to be quick and have some run‑out but left myself a little over 20 feet for my second, trying to cozy it up there and see if we can get a 2‑putt.  It's crazy.  The greens are obviously a little slower to make it playable and so the ball is not rolling on the greens.
Just having to adjust to some speeds and see if we can do a little better this afternoon.

Q.  What was it like?

RICKIE FOWLER:  It was nice, felt pretty calm out there actually from the winds that we've seen.  Nice to get out.  The greens are a little slow just to make it playable and keep the ball on the green.  Had a few come up short but it was fun.  Nice to finally get out, like I said and get a round in the books.

Q.  We have plenty more golf to come, 18 more holes to play; what can we expect this afternoon on this golf course?

RICKIE FOWLER:  If the wind stays the way it is right now, I feel like it is scorable.  You can take advantage of a few holes.  There's a couple that are playing tough out there but you hit the ball well, drive it in the fairway and you should be able to make some birdies.