What they said: Brandt Snedeker

January 08, 2013

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BRANDT SNEDEKER:  The putting, I hit it really well, never put myself in too many bad spots.  Strength of my game is putting left me, a bunch of short putts.  It's tough out there.  If you had a good feel for the greens and the speed, you could make some putts.

Q.  And Dustin‑‑

BRANDT SNEDEKER:  All the par 5s are reachable and you can make some hay on those.  I parred 18 both times with an iron in my hand and just didn't take advantage of the holes you need to take advantage of.

Q.  How slow were the greens in the afternoon?

BRANDT SNEDEKER:  They were‑‑ the last nine, you could really see, they were just‑‑ they did the right stuff.  My ball was still oscillating even on the back nine.  They were probably rolling off 7 or 8, so just struggle to get yourself to hit them; and going downhill, it was the complete opposite, 13 or 14.  That's what makes it so tough.

Even 10, the second time we played 10, if they cut the greens like they normally do‑‑ my ball, I had a big gust hit me and my putt went ten feet by the hole where it should have been.  So they did the right thing.

Q.  Looked like it was windier than yesterday.

BRANDT SNEDEKER:  I had 135, hit a 5‑iron head high as low as I could hit it and it barely got there on No. 10.

Q.  Someone was asking me, where were you on 10‑‑

BRANDT SNEDEKER:  I hit it‑‑ Strick was short.  I hit it up there just past the hole and made birdie on 10, somehow, miracle.

Q.  Strick was obviously hurting out there.

BRANDT SNEDEKER:  Yeah, he was.

Q.  You could tell early on?

BRANDT SNEDEKER:  Yeah, we talked early on the range, we could tell he was a little bit off.  I don't know if it kind of helped him.  He swung real easy.  He played great, he really did.
I was giving him a hard time walking up 9, I was going, "How am I going to beat you if you've got two good legs?  I can't beat you with only one."  It's tough to watch him because I know he's in pain; of all days to go 36, not feeling good on this golf course in this wind, it would be a worst‑case scenario but he played great.

Q.  Is that just sort of a testament to the kind of mental fortitude that guy has?

BRANDT SNEDEKER:  For sure.  For sure.  To be able to do that on that golf course with as much pain as he's in is pretty impressive.

Q.  Just before the day started, if I told you everyone would get in 36, did you think‑‑